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Professional Membership at is a unique information, advice and promotion package for tourism professionals, academics, students, job-seekers and others involved in or interested in the development of an ecological & socially just tourism available at a low rate! (Euros 20 or approx US$ 27 per annum). For full details click here.



1. Please fully complete the User Registration form below and press the "Register" button. Please enter your real name in its full form (name and surname) and choose a strong password, that is one containing small letters, capitals, numbers and special characters (i.e. @!#). Your email address will serve as your username.
2. Once you register you will be taken to the payment options page where you need to click on the "PayPal" button and confirm your selection.
3. You will then be taken to PayPal (the leading online payment processor worldwide) to make your payment securely with a credit card, bank account or e-check depending on your location. For your security you provide all your sensitive financial details directly and securely to PayPal (no information goes through our server). NB: You do not need to have an account at PayPal. You will only be charged once.
4. As soon as you make your online payment, your Professional Membership should be instantly activated and you will be able to login and access the Member Areas of the site.
5. Later you will also receive a welcome message from us with details on how to make the most of your Membership.