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"Actions speak louder than words" while, in the world we live in, "money talks". 

Although our main project is the provision of affordable, quality support to the grassroots, to current & aspiring ecotourism practitioners, in 2004 we also decided to allocate a considerable share of revenue (from already discounted subscriptions) so as to co-fund community projects undertaken by our Members, with a total of Euros 21,250 donated between 2004-2011.

We hope to resume our community projects soon and we welcome your ideas and recommendations - contact us! Awards
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Jane Crouch - Winning Project in PeruJane Crouch - Winning Project in Peru Judy Karwacki - Winning Project in GuyanaJudy Karwacki - Winning Project in Guyana Manuel Apaza - Winning Project in HondurasManuel Apaza - Winning Project in Honduras
Peru: Water Filters in Chichubamba Community - Jane Crouch Guyana: From Wild to Web
Judy Karwacki
Honduras: Creating a Community Tourism Cooperative - Manuel Apaza

Social & ecological justice does not come about only by online campaigns; offline, field action is also needed. Over the past 5 years, since 2004, on the 1st of July, to celebrate our founding anniversary, we have been funding & part-funding micro eco-projects initiated & implemented by our Members, according to the philosophy and aims of ECOCLUB. You may find information on the funded projects by following the links at the top of this page.

In 2010, will offer micro-grants to projects initiated & implemented by our Members, that promote ecological & social justice in local communities. We are doubling our awards budget to Euros 6,000 (amounting to around 40% of our proceeds from Membership fees in 2009) so that three projects can receive a Euros 2,000 grant each. As always, the winning projects will be democratically chosen through a Member vote and the implementation process will be transparently documented online.

Download full terms and application form: .doc / .pdf


The theme of our 7th Annual Awards is "Ecosocial Justice Through Tourism". We call on our Members to consult with their local community and submit tourism-related projects that can help rectify ecological and social injustices at the community level.
Who can apply: The Awards are open to all active Members around the world.

Prize: The total grant this year amounts to Euros 6,000 to be equally shared by three winners upon successful completion of their projects. Each project must be officially undertaken by a legal entity (including the self-employed) that is able to issue an official invoice to us, for legal & transparency reasons.
Key Dates: There will be 3 Award Periods during 2010, each with one winner, as follows: April 1-June 30 (Period A),  July 1 - September 30 (Period B) and October 1 - December 31 (Period C). The first date is the application deadline, and the second date is the completion date. The winning projects will be chosen by member vote and announced within the first two weeks of each Award Period, and should be initiated as soon as possible after they have been selected, and no later than May 1, 2010 for Period A  / Aug 1 (Period B) / November 1 (Period C). Projects should be fully implemented by the Completion Date: June 30 (Period A) / September 30 (Period B) and December 31, 2010 (Period C). Therefore, the maximum project implementation time is two and a half months.
Project Type: We seek new, independent, realistic, implementable projects which provide tangible, non-abstract, results, and which relate to this year's theme. Projects should have a strong social element, be tangible, small-scale and should be focused on the local community, improving its life and meeting urgent needs in a direct manner. We will first evaluate if a submitted project is eligible, and if it is, it will then be accepted as a candidate. The winning projects will be decided by Member vote.
You should have discussed the real needs of your community, and decided on this project through a direct democratic, participatory approach. Before submitting projects you should have duly researched all legal, technical & practical aspects. Projects should not depend on the performance of 3rd parties, or on factors outside your control.
You may only submit projects that cost up to a maximum of Euros 2,000 to fully implement, including all costs such as wages, fees and materials. Projects should not already be under way, should not also be funded or part-funded by other sources, or submitted for funding to any other organisations and should not in any way depend on the performance of other projects or of other organisations.

The above is just a summary. To find out more,

please download full terms and application form: .doc format / .pdf format

& Winning Projects Implementation Schedule (extended):

April 1, 2010: Submission Deadline for Period A (there are a total of three award periods in 2010)

April 7 - 14: Eligible projects posted online and Member vote by email to choose winning project

April 15: Winner "A" Announced

April 16 - June 30: Winning Project "A" Implemented

July 1, 2010: Submission Deadline for Period B

July 7-14: Eligible projects posted online, Member vote by email

July 15: Winner "B" Announced

July 16 - September 30: Winning Project "B" Implemented

October 1, 2010: Submission Deadline for Period  C

October 7-14: Eligible projects posted online and Member vote by email to choose winning project

October 15: Winner "C" Announced

October 16 - December 31: Winning Project "C" Implemented

The 2010 Candidate Projects (please follow the links for full details):

Candidate Projects will be posted here after April 1, 2010