Alto Biobio, October 01, 2010


In the context of the project “Ruka – Food Court: an intercultural place”, winner of the Awards 2010, hereby we present the Project Progress Report, providing Textual, Photographic and Video evidence of project initiation & implementation, clarifying the precise dates of each action.

The details are as follows:


  • On Wednesday 8 of September, a meeting was performed at Village of ralco, Alto Biobio, between the President of Trekaleyin Indigenous Association, Mr Luis Vita, the vicepresident, Mr Marcelo Purran, Mr. Pablo Azua, coordinator of the project and itermediary with ECOCLUB, and other members of Trekalyin Association with the purpose of checking the materials lists, and starting of the acquisitions for the project.


  • Late on that day, Mr Vita, Mr Purran, and Mr Azua travelled to the cities of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, to buy some materials. Those materials were:


-          Wood for the Ruka construction: $160.000 CLP

-          Work Tools: $99.559 CLP

-          Building Materials: $17.920 CLP and $180.566 CLP


The receipts for those acquisitions are presented on annex 1.


  • On the week of 20-24 of September, the firsts actions on the Ruka Building started. Mr Lorenzo Llaulen, a carpenter of the community, will operate as the foreman of the Ruka Building, with help from other persons from the communnity and some volnteers.


These actions were:


-          Land leveling

-          Wood cutting locally at the community

-          Movement of the local wood to the place were the ruka is being built.


  • On the 24 of September, Mr Luis Vita and Mr Pablo Azua went to the city of Los Angeles to buy the equipment items for the project, $100.000 CLP. The receipt for those acquisition is presented on annex 2.


  • On the 28 and 29 of September, Mr Pablo Azua travelled to the community of Pitril to take pictures and videos of the progress of the Ruka Building, and talk directly with the community. The progress is fine, and if the weather conditions keep on without rain, the main structural work could be finished for the 15 of October.























The videos can be watched at these links:

Report elaborated by:

Pablo Azua Garcia


Annex 1.

Receipts for acquisitions on 8 of September

































Annex 2.

Receipts for acquisitions on 24 of September