Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to a project I developed with the NGO Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS and the Indian organisation Terra Conscious. We want to launch an awareness campaign throughout the state of Goa in India. The topics covered will be plastic pollution, responsible tourism, protection of the marine environment and marin...

EasyJet expects to purchase 7.5 Mt CO2e through September 2020 ecoclub.com/headlines/eco-news/1295-191205-forest-…

Report: Demand for Nature-based Solutions Drives Voluntary Carbon Markets to Seven-Year High

Key ecotourism and sustainable tourism developments around the world.

This week the GSTC 2019 Global Conference will take place in Terceira Island, Azores, starting on Wednesday 4th of December. Cannot be there in person? Watch the #GSTC2019 live broadcasting here on Ecoclub.com www.gstcouncil.org/gstc2019/

GSTC2019: Global Conference | December 4-7 | Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal

GSTC 2019 Global Conference: "Navigating the Way Forward in Sustainable Tourism" | 4-7 December 2019 | Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal The GSTC2019 Global Conference will…



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For an authentic green economy and meaningful green jobs

Since the outbreak of the latest global economic -- capitalist -- crisis two years ago, much has been written and said about the magic job-creating potential of the so-called 'green economy' including green tourism. But who can partake in this 'green' economy, is it about business as usual plus  'corporate social responsibility' which 'allows corporates to play good guys and bad guys all at once' as Arundhati Roy has pointed out? and greenery thrown for good measure? If everyone, if all 'stakeholders' can participate then we are giving a green card to 'green' multinationals, 'green' exploitation, 'green' oppressive regimes, 'green' injustice, 'green' armies, 'green' wars, greenwashing all around. Exactly! The system, and its economic structures need to be replaced, from the bottom up, not reformed - top-down. Whereas it has so far proven difficult to challenge the current ecocidal system at the global level, also thanks to infinite sectarianism and theorizing on the left, the grassroots level, including grassroots tourism, provides opportunities for peaceful progress towards ecology, social justice, direct democracy and non-violence, for real change from below. Take tourism for example: large capital can not really reach remote communities, it just does not pay. So this is where our defence can start. Community associations, municipal enterprises, voluntary cooperatives, collectives, workers'self-managed businesses and less formal forms and networks of mutual aid are not a fantasy, as the neoliberal fundamentalists would have us believe, but a successful reality in many countries and sectors including Tourism. It is there that we should be looking if we are talking about an authentic green economy, creating meaningful jobs and above all an equitable & just green living for all, including the economic migrants, war and climate refugees arriving in 'our' cities. These are some of the issues I will be raising at a UNEP-sponsored, public event on Biodiversity in Athens on Saturday 27 November.

Antonis Petropoulos,
Editor, ECOCLUB.com


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Brian Bender
Author, "Farming Around the Country: An Organic Odyssey"
"I've never been interested in politics. The whole government looks like a Dr. Seuss invention to me: way more parts than necessary to achieve such a lackluster product. "

Kevin Carson
Research Associate, Center for a Stateless Society, Author of "Studies in Mutualist Political Economy"
"I think we'll see the emergence of many thousands of relocalized manufacturing economies that will weather the coming collapse of the old mass production economies and centralized states, much like the rural villas became the building blocks of a new society after the fall of the western Roman Empire."


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Trophy Hunting in Chitral, Pakistan - Shams Uddin

The unique mountain goats (Markhor) were at the verge of extinction in Chitral at the beginning of the nineties, before the World Conservation Union (IUCN) started a biodiversity conservation project in Chitral in collaboration with the Wildlife Department of Chitral to preserve the population of markhor.

Primer Encuentro Internacional de Turismo - San Martín / Lima 2009 - Videos y Texto - Samuel Morales Gaitán

En septiembre de 2009 llevamos a cabo el Primer Encuentro Internacional de Turismo" tanto en Tarapoto, San Martín, Perú, como en la ciudad de Lima, organizado por CENFOTUR. En Tarapoto, participaron más de 250 estudiantes, empresarios, personal de instituciones locales, y alrededor de 15 ponentes; en Lima los mismos ponentes y otros 300 estudiantes.

Ecotourism Around the World - Conservation before Tourism - William Ruzek

How do you properly balance the preservation and conservation of cultures, wildlife and landscapes with an ecotourism business? The Chinese Exploration and Research Society are beginning to bridge that fine line through a new approach to ecotourism and preservation. A small research society in a nation of roughly 1.5 billion people, The China Exploration and Research Society (CERS) is one of nations premier exploration and research societies. Founded by How Man Wong in 1989 to focus on the unique cultural, geographical and wildlife of rural China, the society is now starting to experiment with a variety of ecotourism sites, to promote the preservation and understanding of the various project sites.

Eco-Agritourism as a Means to Preserve Culture and the Environment - Nikki Rose

As those of us actually working in the field of ecotourism/sustainable tourism already know, it's impossible for us to travel the globe to speak about our work at conferences. Time and money is a major barrier to get the word out about small-scale projects. The media is in the dark if they don't know our projects exist. And we are at the mercy of people that present case studies they have not personally implemented or even experienced. Usually those case studies are about very large-scale projects that are heavily funded. That leaves the majority of crucial and worthy projects out of the media loop and the traveler's radar.

lifting the Cuba travel ban - Antonis Petropoulos

The Obama administration, may have slightly loosened the travel ban in April 2009 by allowing Cuban-Americans to travel freely to Cuba, but otherwise has made little progress in lifting or at least loosening "El Bloqueo", the 50 year old & cold war trade and travel embargo, imposed by the world's most powerful state against a small island nation. The travel ban already has plenty of holes as it is condemned at the UN each year by nearly all of the world's countries...


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Farming around the Country: An Organic Odyssey
Brian J Bender, NorlightsPress, Nashville, IN, United States, September 2010

For a year, leaving a high school science teaching job behind, author Brian Bender worked as a volunteer on 12 smal-scale organic farms across the United States, from Vermont to California and from Florida to Oregon, from livestock to produce, from the subtropics to glaciers, with a bit of couchsurfing in between. Through a factual as well as engaging first-person narrative, the reader is immersed in the life of an educated and sensitive Woofer, witnessing the natural beauty and daily chore of organic farm life, off-grid and communal living with opinionated, gracious and difficult hosts and fellow volunteers from all walks of life, the good times and the hard times.

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