If governments (finally) decide to tax aviation fuel, they should start from private jets. If one can afford owning or flying a private jet, they can certainly afford paying tax (for a change and for change)! www.reuters.com/article/uk-climate-change-xr-genev…

Climate activists block Geneva airport's private-jet terminal

Climate-change activists blocked Geneva airport's private jet terminal on S...

Powerful new song & video from Manu Chao about the plight of refugees and migrants. Cross the Line! www.facebook.com/manuchao/videos/776363769471347/

Manu Chao - CROSS THE LINE. Dubioza Kolektiv &...


5th ECOCLUB.com Photo Essay Competition: "Reducing Water Waste in Tourism"

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About 70% of the planet surface and of our body comprises of water, however over 1bn people lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. This is a well known problem, and the 'international community' through the Millennium Development Goal number10 have promised to solve it. If they do not, they should expect Water Wars. Tourism development currently accentuates the problem: mega-resorts with private swimming pools,  pesticide-treated golf courses, sprawling holiday home developments steal, waste and pollute water, among other equally harmful impacts, even in semi-arid regions like the Mediterranean, accelerating the desertification process and climate change.

We thus call for photo essays -- 1 picture and 300 words -- which document how water is wasted in the context of tourism and propose one or more solutions to the specific problem depicted.

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interview: Chris Rose

Chris Rose

Chris Rose
Environmental Campaigner & Consultant
"...sometimes 'green NGOs' endorse corporate behaviour which should be opposed but generally I don't think that's the major problem. I think a bigger problem is poor campaign design and management which means most NGO campaigns are unlikely to succeed, and governments failing to regulate to protect public goods and the public interest"

interview: Judy Karwacki

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Judy Karwacki
Tourism Entrepreneur - Founder, Small Planet Consulting
"Given that aid funded projects are conceived of and implemented by western entities, the pro-market point of view generally is inherent in them. My point of view is that the projects must be market responsive"

article: Seeking the Causes of the Queensland Floods

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Seeking the Causes of the Queensland Floods by Professor Trevor Sofield

The floods in Queensland have been shocking. Some suburbs went under completely (up to roof height) and since they were on the same sub-station of the electricity grid, the power was shut off and remained so for a week. The Brisbane floods were in fact a separate event from the flash flood that hit the city of Toowoomba that is located in the hills of the Great Dividing Range about 70kms west of Brisbane. The wall of water that tore through the town was described in the press as "an inland tsunami" with cars been tossed around like corks, pictures of which you have probably seen. That was caused by one of the heaviest down-pours in one of the shortest periods of time recorded in that region and was localized above the city in the catchment area of the small stream that flows through its CBD. It hit without warning and there was nothing anybody could have done about it. Read More

review: Statistics for the Terrified

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Statistics for the Terrified v6.01 (Software, Single-user edition)
2011, Concept Stew Ltd

Many university students and researchers have been terrified by statistics, but few will admit it. This well-documented, user-friendly, and -- indeed -- enjoyable statistics tutorial software should become a standard way to introduce the topic without tears (aka mathematics) at school, university and wherever else it is needed.

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review: How to Win Campaigns

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How to Win Campaigns - Communications for Change
Chris Rose, Earthscan, London, September 2010, 2nd Edition

This is not an academic textbook but a brilliant how-to guide written by one of the world's most successful environmental campaigners, who among others, led the Greenpeace campaign which blocked the dumping of the Brent Spar oil platform in the North Atlantic.

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member blogs & news

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Time to stop hunting Dolphins for Dolphinaria and Meat by Antonis Petropoulos

It is 72 years since shrude businessmen in Marine Studios dolphinarium in Florida discovered that dolphins could be taught to perform tricks, and four years since the UN Year of the Dolphin 2007, when scientific evidence surfaced that dolphins are human-like, self-aware, intelligent beings and ‘nonhuman persons’.  In the European Union alone, there are 34 dolphinaria, hosting 280 captive dolphins, whales and other cetaceans, many of whom were not born in captivity but are actually products of poaching and smuggling.

Burmese Learning Center Summer Camp by Andaman Discoveries

This month saw the first ever ‘Summer Camp’ held for the students of the Kuraburi Burmese Learning Center; this event was partly sponsored by Muan Mit Thai Foundation who help this event supplying transport for the kids, a very good sound equipment for evenings of karaoke and also contribute food for the event. These contributions are important to help improve the lives of the children through fun activities and education. This was a three day event held just outside Kuraburi town in the grounds of the college in Soi Nang Yong

Sustainable Travel? There's an app for that by Lizzie Keenan

There seems to be an app for everything these days. From different knock off versions of scrabble, to camera effect apps that make you and your nearest and dearest look fat, old, and/or bald. So I was thinking, if there is an app to make you bald, there must be an app, or multiple apps, that can aid you in making more sustainable travel choices on your next vacation or weekend excursion.

New Capacity in southern Belize by Robert Hirons

The Lodge at Big Falls has increased its capacity to eight units with the addition of two new elegant cabanas. Features:  Hardwood floor and ceiling made from a mix of secondary tropical hardwoods including nargusta, santa maria and milady - Insulated roof helps cool in hot weather - 2 Queen beds - Two ceiling fans - Air conditioning - En-suite bathroom and shower - On-demand gas water heater is energy efficient and you will not run out of hot water - Kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, table top stove with two burners - Outside verandah facing the river bank.

The Daintree is NOT affected by the recent flooding in Queensland by Terry Maloney

Due to consistent inaccurate media reporting and misconceptions about the weather, many people are not coming to the region and the tourism industry is suffering. These inaccuracies are an annual event. The regional tourism bodies need to be proactive and consistently across all media, pictorially showing the beauty of this unique region and sending accurate weather information.

Ban Talae Nok community products receive 5 star award by Andaman Discoveries

Recently, Ban Talae Nok was awarded with the 5 stars from the "One Tambon One Product" award. This means that the Ban Talae Nok handmade soap is recognized as one of the best community products all over the region. The pride of the community and its motivation to keep doing things in a good way is now reinforced by gaining this beautiful and deserved recognition.

greek tourism at the crossroads by Antonis Petropoulos

Today I attended the long-awaited presentation of  a new study – proposal for a new Greek Tourism Development Model, prepared by the greek association of tourism enterprises, SETE, which represents the interests of large tourism businesses. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, there was nothing new therein, apart from some truisms and neoliberal recipes for more golf, holiday homes, 5-star hotels and the removal of all ‘bureaucratic’ obstacles that scare (?) investors planning mega-resorts.

CCS Dinner Series in Crete: Ancient Grains and Modern Tastes by Nikki Rose

Ancient Grains and Modern Tastes, Kritamon Restaurant, Archanes, Crete - Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm. Presented by Chef-Proprietor Dimitris Mavrakis, Kritamon Restaurant, Organic Vintner Evangelos Sinadinakis, Eltina Wines in collaboration with Nikki Rose of Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries.

Chitral's Artisans Participate in Looming/Handicraft Exhibition by Shams Uddin

Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) facilitated the participation of artisans from the Chitral district to Lok Virsa Handicraft/ Looming Exhibition in Shakarparian, Islamabad from December 28 to30, 2010. The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight the products from different parts of Pakistan, giving market linkages and exposure opportunities to artisans to learn from each other’s work.

ecocentrism & eccentrism - the deep problems of deep ecology by Antonis Petropoulos

Along with the mainstreaming of worries for Climate Change, there are sinister attempts through a revival of long-discredited malthusianism, to blame it on the many have-nots rather than the few haves, on overpopulation rather than on capitalism, on some of the symptoms rather than the causes. The 8-point platform of 'Deep Ecology', written by Arne Naess and George Sessions,  contains an arbitrary malthusian argument that is very hard to digest

On the Great Himalayan Trail – new trekking route set to open up a whole new world. by Alex Narracott

Not so much an ‘adventure with purpose’ as a ‘set of adventures with a common purpose’ this month. Everyone has heard of the Annapurna trail, Mount Everest and other Himalayan hotspots, which draw thousands of trekkers and mountaineers to Nepal every year.

CCS Accredited Seminar with University of Missouri by Nikki Rose

University of Missouri and Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries 10-Day Seminar Study Abroad in Greece: The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle May 17 - 27, 2011. Students will study aspects of the Mediterranean diet through activities: visits to organic farms, markets and olive oil producers, food preparation demonstrations and classes.

Supporting our sea turtles through HOPE by Daniel Quilter

Mention Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia, and people would think of the sandy beach island getaway. Quiz them more, and people may say turtles. Perhentian, which means “stop-over” in Malay, is one of the islands in Malaysia where sea turtles can still be spotted either on the beach laying eggs or swimming in the water. Turtles discovered Perhentian long before humans arrived. They thrived for thousands of years, but are now struggling to survive.

internet hero by Antonis Petropoulos

Considering that not only diplomacy and international relations, but the modern human (capitalist) civilization itself, is built on lies, small and large, it takes a Hero-madman, the first  Internet Hero (although we could also add the founders of Wikipedia), Julian Assange, to reveal global hypocricy (...in installments). Wikileaks has proven that the Internet is still not controlled by the state, the superpowers and the corporates, and that people power is a match for the military-industrial complex, the war mongers. Each one of us can and should become an Assange, against violence exploitation of all types. And already wikileaks mirrors and offshoots are popping up.

Orangutans in Borneo get bridges built for them by Alex Narracott

Over the last two years Fieldskills, an adventure travel operator in Borneo, has considerably developed its rigging arm through Ropeskills Rigging, a specialist rope access provider working mainly on film and TV projects but also supporting canopy science in the tropical forests.  In the last few weeks however they’ve been working on a highly unusual but rewarding rigging job, building bridges for orangutans in the fragile Kinabatangan wildlife reserve, Malaysia.