I am a PhD student working on socio-economics in deserts and developed a #survey about #wildlifeconservation and #communitydevelopment in #Sahara and #Sahel, North #Africa. I would be very thankful if you can answer the #questionnaire and share it among your family and friends.

I am grateful to the administrators for allowing this slighty off-topic post

PS: if you can share it among your...
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Here's my first LinkedIn article about the benefits of travelling sustaianbly:


Thanks a lot for your time and have a great day!


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February Poll results: 44% of our members thought that Dolphinaria and 'Swim with Dolphins' facilities should be "BANNED as a cruel treatment to intelligent, sensitive animals" while an additional 22.2% were "not sure".

Our new poll: Should a new egyptian government expand mass tourism to combat poverty or rather refocus on community-owned, low-impact tourism?

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Tara Gujadhur - 02/2011
Founder, Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre, Laos
"I'd like to see a broader approach to tourism development in Laos that can involve anything from handicraft development, more sophisticated cultural interpretation, environmental initiatives in urban areas, to more creative restaurants and accommodation enterprises".


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