If governments (finally) decide to tax aviation fuel, they should start from private jets. If one can afford owning or flying a private jet, they can certainly afford paying tax (for a change and for change)! www.reuters.com/article/uk-climate-change-xr-genev…

Climate activists block Geneva airport's private-jet terminal

Climate-change activists blocked Geneva airport's private jet terminal on S...

Powerful new song & video from Manu Chao about the plight of refugees and migrants. Cross the Line! www.facebook.com/manuchao/videos/776363769471347/

Manu Chao - CROSS THE LINE. Dubioza Kolektiv &...





Aviva Pearson - Chairwoman, The Tourism Society, UK
"unfortunately, for a majority of destinations, environmental, human rights and other social considerations are an afterthought. They may even have it on paper, but they do not put those policies into practice." 



New book by Nikki Rose, Crete: The Roots of the Mediterranean Diet 
Author Nikki Rose, a Greek American Professional Chef-Instructor, has been hosting teachers, students and journalists in Crete for over 14 years.

Harvard course on international tourism features top of the line speakers
Registration is continuing for this unique course which provides access on-line to cutting edge speakers in a small class setting.

Back Road Travel a Great Option During Troubled Times
Don't let a lack of time or money stop your summer vacation. You can find lots of great sights by heading for the back roads.

NATUR Project creates e-learning tool for nature tourism
The project is a cooperative effort of partners from Portugal, Turkey, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Art and Nature combat Nature Deficit Disorder
A short film by Carol Patterson exhorting young people to connect with nature and find inspiration outdoors in unconventional ways.


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