I am a PhD student working on socio-economics in deserts and developed a #survey about #wildlifeconservation and #communitydevelopment in #Sahara and #Sahel, North #Africa. I would be very thankful if you can answer the #questionnaire and share it among your family and friends.

I am grateful to the administrators for allowing this slighty off-topic post

PS: if you can share it among your...
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Here's my first LinkedIn article about the benefits of travelling sustaianbly:


Thanks a lot for your time and have a great day!

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From the editor


Patience seems to be running out for the current global economic system and runaway financial capitalism. The Arab spring turned into a winter and is now back to a hot summer, the 'indignados' of Spain and the 'aganaktismenoi' of Greece are currently resting, but attention has shifted to the 99% movement in the US, which is now going worldwide with events planned for the 10th of December. A very interesting video presenting the underlying income inequality statistics can be found here while income inequality worldwide is also increasing. 

It is important is that the rotting system does not collapse on our heads - we must start exiting the crumbling structure now, by joining or forming alternatives - local exchange systems, collectives, urban farms, worker-managed businesses and so on, millions of tiny holes in the current system, until it peacefully vanishes as no longer relevant. Here in Greece, where we are becoming bankrupt in slow motion and with youth unemployment over 40%, alternative grassroots initiatives are constantly springing up and even international status quo media are taking note.

Those who planned so that the Internet and social media would be turned into one big social control mechanism will hopefully find one day that the joke was on them.


Interview: Lidija Mavra

  Lidija Mavra

Lidija Mavra, Unseen Tours by the Homeless, London, United Kingdom

"...our tour model is quite radical / non-hierarchical, the [homeless] guides take most of the money, as opposed to the coordinators/directors taking a salary, and our tours reveal some fairly controversial elements of city life..."

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Interview: Agha Iqrar Haroon

  Agha Iqrar Haroon

Agha Iqrar Haroon, Honorary Head, The Region Initiative (TRI), Pakistan

"Tourism has no artillery or infantry forces. It is very fragile. Tourism does not fail to play its role however tourism was never allowed to play its role in this region"

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Indian Ecotourism Pioneer Babu Varghese passes away

Small Planet Consulting’s 2011 Events Schedule Promotes Sustainable Adventure Tourism

Laos: Renovated heritage building to house new history museum in Champassak province

Saladero Lodge, new ECOCLUB.com Ecolodge Member

Belize: Battle of the Drums returns to Punta Gorda




  Food with a viewFood with a view

Culinary Tourism in Santorini - An Exploration of Food and Culture

by Lindsay Milich Culinary tourism represents a rapidly growing field that is increasingly being incorporated into tourism strategies worldwide. Tourism has had an indelible impact on the economy and lifestyle of Santorini, especially in the time since the island was devastated by an earthquake in 1956. Famous for its blue-domed churches and picturesque sunsets, Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. 

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  ECOCLUB.com Member BlogsECOCLUB.com Member Blogs

Planettera moves ahead with new projects

Save the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Funding camera traps in the forests of Terengganu

Chef-author Nikki Rose presentation at the Embassy of Greece, Washington

Between Sisyphus and Epicurus


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