Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to a project I developed with the NGO Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS and the Indian organisation Terra Conscious. We want to launch an awareness campaign throughout the state of Goa in India. The topics covered will be plastic pollution, responsible tourism, protection of the marine environment and marin...

EasyJet expects to purchase 7.5 Mt CO2e through September 2020 ecoclub.com/headlines/eco-news/1295-191205-forest-…

Report: Demand for Nature-based Solutions Drives Voluntary Carbon Markets to Seven-Year High

Key ecotourism and sustainable tourism developments around the world.

This week the GSTC 2019 Global Conference will take place in Terceira Island, Azores, starting on Wednesday 4th of December. Cannot be there in person? Watch the #GSTC2019 live broadcasting here on Ecoclub.com www.gstcouncil.org/gstc2019/

GSTC2019: Global Conference | December 4-7 | Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal

GSTC 2019 Global Conference: "Navigating the Way Forward in Sustainable Tourism" | 4-7 December 2019 | Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal The GSTC2019 Global Conference will…

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Happy, Eco & Socially Just 2012!


Best wishes and many thanks to all our members, readers and other friends. In 2012, through solidarity and mutual assistance, from the grassroots up and based on genuine, radical yet feasible and peaceful, ecological principles and practices let us all make Tourism more ecological and socially just, and the world a happier, freer place where
"all is for all".


Interview: C. Michael Hall


Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

"Trouble is so many institutions from the World Tourism Organization down have adopted neoliberal positions and policies without even adequate considering what their implications might be at various levels, including knowledge generation and diffusion."

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A letter from the remote East: Mitan, Uzbekistan

By Agha Iqrar Haroon: We went directly to the house of the Aksakal, the local chief of an area in central Asia. Sitting in his room, I saw a soviet-era mirror and an old-style sofa, called Divan in these areas. We sat on the carpet, on a set of pillows - a traditional Eastern sitting. While we waited for the arrival of the Aksakal, his wife and two sons Murat and Gulam treated us with traditional food, grown in their land including fresh bread, Non. Non (or нон) is an Uzbek bread that is shaped as the sun - the symbol of life, bread also being an icon of life. I did not constrain myself and I started eating peanuts and raisin, big black grapes and a pomegranate. ..

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Book Reviews


Social Tourism in Europe, Theory & Practice
Scott McCabe, Lynn Minnaert, Anya Diekmann (Eds.)

Despite the impressive growth of tourism 'arrivals', the proportion among the population that does not travel has remained stable at around 40-45% for the past 60 years in Europe. Social tourism, as a 'tourism for all' concept, has not yet succeeded but this excellent book will hopefully contribute to this goal.

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