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Ecotourism Awards
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Past Award Winners: 2004 | 2005 | 2006

Our 2007 Winners - Projects funded through our Awards

Rwanda Ecotours project La Selva project Carpe Diem project
Rwanda Eco-tours Agency RWANDA - Turning Gorilla Poachers into Farmers

Iteganyirize Association Members, one of the communities participating in the project.
La Selva Jungle Lodge
ECUADOR - Pig Farm for Wildlife Protection

La Selva employees creating the pig farm, that will help minimise poaching.
Carpe Diem Travel Limited
CAMBODIA - Plastic Bag Recycling Microentreprise

Rinsed plastic bags hanged out to dry naturally, before being turned into 'yarn' for knitting.

About the Awards:

Learning from, and building on the success of the past three annual ECOCLUB.com Ecolodge Awards this year we successfully held the ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2007, which were open to all ECOCLUB Members. Our next awards will open in the Spring of 2008.

Each year, on the 1st of July, to celebrate our founding anniversary, ECOCLUB® funds micro-projects initiated & implemented by our Members, which improve local well-being and protect the environment according to the principles of Ecotourism and the aims of ECOCLUB, the International Ecotourism Club.

Our 4th Annual Award winners were announced on July 1, 2007, our 8th founding anniversary. The total prize funds amounted to Euros 3,000 (approx USD 4,000) shared equally by three Winners. The Call for proposals closed on June 5, 2007 and projects were posted online on June 6, 2007. All three winning projects were successfully completed on December 1, 2007.

Candidate project details had been publicly posted online in May 2007, scrutinised by ECOCLUB.com Members, and the three winners were chosen democratically by Members through an online vote at www.ecoclub.com in June 2007.

Presenting the Awards at a live on-line ceremony, ECOCLUB Director, Antonis B. Petropoulos, said: "Building on the experience of the past three years and thanks to the enthusiastic support of our Members in 80 countries, this year we were able to increase the awards prize to Euros 3,000 (approx USD 4,000) so as to equally fund three eco-projects. Our awards are different in that they are not based on morally rewarding past performance, but on financially supporting future action. Winners are not determined by a panel of judges but in a transparent and democratic manner by ECOCLUB Members".

Following a tightly run contest between nine worthwhile projects, the 2007 winners are:

All three winners thanked ECOCLUB Members for their trust and pledged an early implementation of the projects. In particular, Edwin Sabuhoro, Managing Director of Rwanda Eco-tours Agency, said: "In the name of communities around Rwanda's Parc National Des Volcans, this is absolutely good news, we cannot believe we were entrusted with ECOCLUB members sense of understanding, feeling and being part of us as we struggle to make mountain gorilla conservation a reality in Rwanda by empowering local communities with principles of adaptive management, that will not only give gorillas a future but also enriching local communities in Rwanda to be part of of the whole cycle in the global ecotourism spectrum.

Eric Schwartz, President of La Selva Jungle Lodge added: "It has been my great privilege to be associated with the ECOCLUB for many years.  La Selva Jungle Lodge in the Amazon basin of Ecuador applauds the work of the club and we are glad in our small way, this year, to take an active role in the good works of a singular organization with our winning proposal for measures towards sustainable ecotourism. In the spirit of the ECOCLUB we will forge ahead with all the resources we can muster."

Debbie Watkins, Director of Carpe Diem Travel was equally 'delighted to have been selected by ECOCLUB members for support' and pointed out that "the negative impact of the plastic bag, especially in developing countries, cannot be underestimated and we have been looking for a possible solution for some time. This project will solve a number of different problems at the same time: clearing rubbish from villages and fields, providing disadvantaged people with skills and income, producing marketable recycled products, and educating locals in the importance of keeping their surroundings clean.

2007 Awards Timeline:

April 22 - June 5: Call for Proposals

June 6: Accepted project proposals posted online at the dedicated ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2007 Forum.

June 7-21: Question Time. The Forum is accessible by all, but only Members may ask questions about the proposed projects.

June 22-29: Members vote online to select the three winners.

July 1, 2007: On the 8th anniversary of ECOCLUB, the three winners were announced.

July 15, 2007: Winning Project confirmation Reports have been received from all winners, agreeing to the terms and schedule of the Awards.

August 7, 2007: Progress Report received by La Selva Jungle Lodge, Ecuador

August 18, 2007: Progress Report received from Rwanda Eco-tours Agency, Rwanda

August 19, 2007: First instalment (Euros 300) paid to La Selva Jungle Lodge, Ecuador on timely receipt of adequate documentation of progress made in implementing their respective projects.

September 12, 2007: First instalment (Euros 300) paid to Rwanda Eco-tours Agency, Rwanda.

September 27, 2007: Progress report received from Carpe Diem Travel Limited, Cambodia.

December 1, 2007: All three project organisers report that projects have been completed.

December 3, 2007: Project Funding Agreement sent to project organisers for signing and returning along with supporting documentation (invoices and photo evidence). ECOCLUB to verify completion and make payment.

December 12, 2007: Live Member Meeting with the participation of the Winning Project Organizers who  presented lessons learned, so as to incorporate these in next years Awards.

January 10, 2008: Following receipt detailed project completion report, photo evidence and original receipts by post, Award (Euros 1000) paid to Carpe Diem Travel.

January 18, 2008: Following receipt of detailed project completion report, photo evidence and original receipts, Award Balance (Euros 700) paid to La Selva Jungle Lodge.

April 15, 2008: Supporting documentation (original receipts & photo evidence) still awaited from Rwanda Eco-tours Agency, therefore payment of Award Balance (Euros 700) still pending.

The 2007 Candidates:

To review all the 2007 Candidates, please go to the ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2007 Forum

Winning Projects Implementation

A. Progress Reports

August 7, 2007: La Selva Jungle Lodge, Ecuador (.pdf file - 537 KB)
August 18, 2007: Rwanda Eco-tours Agency, Rwanda (.pdf file - 2 MB)
September 27, 2007: Carpe Diem Travel Limited, Cambodia (.pdf file - 573 KB)

B. Completion Reports

Carpe Diem Travel Limited - Project Completion Report (.pdf file - 2.1 MB)
La Selva Jungle Lodge - Project Completion Report (.pdf file - 8.7 MB)
Rwanda Eco-Tours Agency - Project Completion Report (.pdf file - 4.8 MB)

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