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Winning Project: Water Filters in Chichubamba Community - Peru - Coordinator: Jane Crouch (Intrepid Travel, Australia)
"Improving the health of the people of Chichubamba South by giving them access to clean drinking water, by providing ceramic water filters and education in their use and maintenance".
arrowProject Proposal Details, Implementation & Discussion
arrowProgress Report - 1 September 2009

Project Completion Report - 30th October 09:

Videos from the training workshops (credit: Eliza Wethey and Mercedes Durand)

Intrepid Travel LogoThe installation of 80 water filters into the homes of 80 Chichubamba South families is now complete. After the town meeting held on the 1st August, each interested household's home was inspected by the Chichubamba Water Committee to ensure that they met the criteria decided upon by their board of directors - in relation to hygiene and likely effectiveness of them using a water filter. Between mid August and the 18th October, five workshops were held where groups of families received further information and instructions on the most effective usage of the filters and took delivery of the filters for their own home.

Family members were asked to provide a faecal sample for testing for parasites, prior to starting using the water filters. This information will provide base line information regarding whether or not the families were infected with parasites prior to using the filter and whether or not there is a reduction or elimination of parasites after the use of a water filter. The results obtained from the families who have received water filters indicate that there is a high incidence of parasites (prior to water filter use). Tests done in the Sacred Valley area last year indicated that 90% of the population had some parasitic intestinal infection. The testing conducted this year in Chichubamba South was done on 95 people out of the 80 households. Included were the main householder and any children. Of the 95 people, 73 tested positive for having intestinal parasites - 77%. In 3 months time, the staff at ProPeru will do follow up testing with the families to monitor any reduction in parasites as well as to continue monitoring how the families are using the filters . During the training and delivery of water filters to the last group of recipients, the households of the earlier groups were visited and it was found that they were using their filters correctly. The project aim was to improve the health of the people of Chichubamba South by giving them access to clean drinking water. This has now been achieved by the provision of ceramic water filters and education in their use and maintenance. Over coming months we will support the follow-up testing of families to assess the levels of gastric parasitic infection. Based on the results of similar programs elsewhere in Latin America and in Africa, we are confident that significant improvements in health will be observed.

Jane Crouch
Responsible Travel Manager, Intrepid Travel, Australia - jcrouch[at]intrepidtravel[dot]com
in conjunction with Roxana Mori, Intrepid Andes Responsible Travel Coordinator, Peru

Workshop  training  sample collection 

Photographs of the first capacity building workshop held with families that are members of the Agrotourism group in Chichubamba. (They are the community members most known to Intrepid.)  

Families from Chichubamba receive training on the use and maintenance of the water filters. 

Mercedes Durand collects faecal samples from families for testing for parasites, prior to use of the water filters, to gather baseline data

water filters  second workshop  second workshop 

The families receive their water filters. 

Workshop held with Chichubamba community members in early October . Mercedes Durand explains the use importance and cleaning of the water filter.

familiarization with the water filter 

group receives filters  group receives water filters 
Chichubamba Community Members receive water filters   [All photos taken by Eliza Wethey & Mercedes Durand]
sticker on all filters 
Sticker put on each water filter bucket


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