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BioNova™ is a leading supplier of natural swimming pools (NSP) with headquarters in New Jersey. NSP are far greener and healthier than normal swimming pools as they have no chemicals, they use natural processes for filtering, they recirculate water and they still conform to official guidelines and legislation.

BioNova™ supports a growing network of trained and licensed Dealers across North America and works with design professionals (e.g., landscape architects, landscape designers, and architects) on planning and implementing NSPs in a variety of settings.

We work closely with our Clients to understand their design goals and desires. We provide detailed drawings, renderings, and hydraulics plans, and our licensed BioNova™ Dealers are the artisans who perform the installation of our proprietary biological filtration systems that achieve the “BioNova™ Certified NSP” standards.

All BioNova™ NSPs are constructed only by licensed Dealers. BioNova™ Dealers are provided with world-class training to ensure proficiency in design, planning, construction, and maintenance of NSPs. Conversion to a BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pool can be done on most existing swimming pools!

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