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R200202-EC: Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge - Hotel For Sale - Ecuador

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Posted: 2 February 2020 - Details Updated: 19 January 2024

Sale by: Andres Hammerman, Owner

Property Name:  Black Sheep Inn Eco-Lodge Ecuador

Company Name:  Black Sheep Inn - Trademarked in Ecuador

Sale Price & Currency: USD 499,000 (Ecuador’s currency has been the US dollar since 2000. Sale price is based on decades of building infrastructure, property values, business income, strong brand name recognition and reputation. The Black Sheep Inn is a fully operational, world renowned sustainable Eco-Resort. )

Property Address: Vía Chugchilán-Sigchos, Cantón Sigchos, Provincia Cotopaxi, Ecuador (put Chugchilán into an online map)

Fully licensed as an accommodation facility?: Yes

In operation as an accommodation facility?: Yes

Number of Rooms: 10 guestrooms and managers room

Number of Bathrooms: 10 bathrooms (all toilets are composting dry toilets).

Room Facilities

  • 5 private rooms with private baths
  • 4 private rooms with a shared bathroom down an outside corridor
  • 1 three-story bunkhouse with 10 beds & a shared bath
  • Capacity is for 30-35 guests
  • All private rooms have two or more beds & a woodstove fireplace 

Common Area Facilities: The Inn is a complete Eco-Resort complex including:

  • Main guest lodge/restaurant/reception easily seats 25-30 people. It has a lounge area with wood burning stove. A refrigerator, oven/stovetop, dishwashing area and peninsula for serving meals.
  • Yoga Studio is a bright open space with wood floors connected to a 110 m2 deck. It has a wood burning stove, couches, hammocks and small kitchenette.
  • Spa Area includes a wood-fired Sauna and Hot Soaking Pool, changing room and outdoor shower, a rock wall surrounds the hot pool with waterfall, orchids and built-in beer cooler.
  • Massage room with woodstove.
  • Gymnasium with homemade weights made and 40 m2 deck. 
  • A suspension bridge spans 5 meters to the Tree House, which is the launching pad for the 100-meter Zipline.   
  • Other activity areas include Volleyball court, Horseshoes, Darts and Frisbee Golf Course

Additional Infrastructure:

  • Kitchen/Office building is well equipped with two gas ovens, stove tops, refrigerator, dishwashing area, two land lines, internet, cold food storage room with built in wine rack for over 20 cases.
  • Managers’ room with private bathroom
  • Laundry room with ample linen storage and large drying area
  • Handicap accessible shower and toilet
  • Parking area
  • Bus stop and shelter
  • Pig pens, sheep corral, gardens, compost bins, water cisterns and open spaces.

Total Land Area: 2 hectares (5 acres). Property is 3,200 meters above sea level (10,400 feet in elevation).

Built-up Area: 950 m2 of actual construction/buildings (10,225 ft2) and at least that much again in developed areas such as parking, corridors, paths, volleyball and horseshoes, patios and gardens.

Is it allowed to add more buildings to the property? There is plenty of room for expansion and construction onsite. 

Year of Construction: Construction began in 1995 and has continued since. There are now over 12 major buildings on the property.

Year of last Renovation: There has been continued maintenance and construction over the years. Handicap accessible shower and bathroom were added in 2019 and the main guest lodge was re-roofed in 2020.

Key Materials of Construction: Most buildings were built with handmade homemade adobe bricks. All buildings have solid foundations and reinforced cement columns with cross beams to ensure earthquake resistance. Roofing materials vary from high alpine paramo grass, to Spanish tiles, to transparent plastic roofing sheets and glass skylights. Most roofs are double layered.  Ceilings are made of tongue and groove boards and eucalyptus beams. Floors vary between natural clay tiles, ceramic tile and wood.

Eco-Architectural Features: Black Sheep Inn has been designed using Permaculture philosophy, which includes: organic gardens, buildings made with renewable natural resources and materials, composting toilets, reforestation with native trees, terracing, roof-water catchments, gravity fed water systems, renewable energy and recycling. Permaculture Design connects features to make them multi-functional, resilient and sustainable. Ecotourism has a low impact on the land, educates guests and gives back to the community: Black Sheep Inn does all of this and more.

Eco-Architectural features at the Black Sheep Inn are diverse and all inclusive. All building sites were dug into the mountain by hand. As they were dug in, valuable building materials were collected: clay for adobe bricks and sand for mixing cement for foundations. The main lodge used recycled beams from a house in the village that was torn down. Antique Spanish clay tiles and window and door lintels were salvaged from town for one of the guestroom complexes. Most guestrooms have lofts which take advantage of the high ceilings and accommodate a second bed. 

The Yoga Studio’s stone wall has multiple functions: thermal mass for heating, a climbing wall for fun and a rock retaining wall.  Building directly into the mountain saved space but is also architecturally beautiful.

The round adobe sauna holds heat efficiently. The self-designed wood-fired stove heats both the sauna and the small hot soaking pool at the same time using a thermal siphon with no pumps.

Glass bottles from wine and liquor have been recycled into building materials to make mosaic bottle walls.   

There are several roof water catchments.  All toilets are composting dry toilets.

Energy Sources & Energy-Saving Features: Lighting at the Black Sheep Inn is with compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED’s. 

Water Sources & Water-Saving Features: Water is provided from three sources: town water, roof-water catchments and a neighbor’s spring.  Several cisterns and water tanks provide storage for over 24,000 liters. All water systems are gravity fed. The biggest water saving feature is the composting dry toilets. There are five large toilets based on the Clivus Multrum two chamber design. These toilets take advantage of the view, have large greenhouse rooms and collect rainwater for hand washing. Five guest rooms have private composting toilets based on JC Jenkins transfer design. All waste water from showers, laundry, kitchen and sinks is collected into gray water systems with settling tanks, filter tanks and underground reed and tree filtration beds.  Wastewater can be reused for irrigation.

Waste-Management Facilities: Besides composting toilets and gray water systems, trash is separated for recycling in guestrooms and public spaces and stored separately before being sent to a municipal facility.  Food waste is composted and/or fed to the pig.

Description of Location: Black Sheep Inn is a small rural ecolodge in the high Ecuadorian Andes.  Perched on a hillside at 10,400 feet in elevation, it has fantastic views over the Rio Toachi Canyon system and patchwork fields.  The Inn is in a perfect location for hikers; offering several climates to explore within a 5 km radius.  Attractions listed below. In addition to the tourist attractions is the potential for a healthy lifestyle; surrounded by nature, clean air, bright stars and peace and quiet. The Inn is a very inspiring place. 

Nearby Attractions (within 50 km): Location is everything, and the Black Sheep Inn is in a perfect location, less than 3 hours away from Quito, Ecuador’s Capitol. There is plenty to see and do nearby including: Laguna Quilotoa - a spectacular emerald volcanic crater lake.  The Iliniza Ecological Reserve surrounds Chugchilán spanning over 140,000 hectares with several endangered species in Andean Humid Forest (Cloud Forest). Rio Toachi Canyon, which some people call the Grand Canyon of Ecuador, offers incredible hikes and dramatic views. Also nearby is a cooperatively owned Swiss-Style cheese factory, pre-Incan ruin sites and several small indigenous markets. Cotopaxi (volcano) National Park is 55 km away.

Nearest Airport: Quito is the closest International Airport, about 3 hours driving. 

Nearest Hospital or Clinic: There are 2 hospitals and 2 clinics within a 20 km radius.

Nearest School: Chugchilán’s public elementary school, 1st thru 12th grade, is less than 1 km away.

Brief History: Andres and Michelle moved to Chugchilán in 1994 and pioneered tourism in a rural unknown area of Ecuador. There was no telephone, bank, gas station, post office, nor police station. It took over 5 hours driving from Quito to Chugchilán due to winding dirt roads through spectacular mountains and canyons. Not only did Andres and Michelle open the first hotel in Chugchilán, they also promoted the entire area. They developed hiking routes, organized a local transportation coop, trained guides, encouraged a women’s group to sell artisan knitwear, lent money for a horseback riding business, opened a public library computer learning center, volunteered teaching English for 20 years, administered scholarships for higher education, etc…. Now, 25 years later, the roads on the entire ‘Quilotoa Loop’ have been paved, there is telephone, internet and cellular service, there are several tourist accommodations in Chugchilán as well as neighboring towns, and Quilotoa has become an iconic must see destination with its image being used to advertise Ecuador. Andres and Michelle had a vision and made it into a reality that can become the sustainable life change that you’ve been looking for.

Establishment year: 1995
USD 595,000

Awards and Guidebook mentions: Black Sheep Inn has been operation for over two decades and is mentioned in every Ecuadorian guidebook. Black Sheep Inn has a long list of Awards and Recognition in both Responsible Tourism and Ecotourism:

•       P.E.A (People Environment Achievement) Award - in Travel/Tourism 2015
•       GREEN Hotelier Award - Best in the Americas 2015
•       TripAdvisor's GREEN Leaders - PLATINUM LEVEL - ongoing
•       World’s Best Hotels - South America STAY LIST - National Geographic Traveler 2011
•       Delta SKY Magazine – Top 10 Eco-Resorts – 2009
•       National Geographic Adventure's Top 50 EcoLodges - 2009
•       Ecoclub International Ecolodge Awards: 2006 & 2008 
•       Skål International Ecotourism Awards - Rural Accommodation – 2006
•       Tourism for Tomorrow Award - World Travel & Tourism Council - Finalist - 2005
•       Responsible Tourism Awards, Highly Commended, Mountain Environment - 2005
•       Smithsonian Mag/Tourism Cares for Tomorrow Sustainable Tourism Awards - 2005 
•       Short-Listed - Responsible Traveler Award 2004
•       Top 10 Ecolodges in the World - Outside Magazine 2003

This recognition guarantees tourists for the next decade.  Black Sheep Inn is outstanding in its flock and makes for a great investment opportunity and sustainable lifestyle change.