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Ancient Fossilized Rocks of Northern Pakistan

Ancient Fossilized Rocks of Northern Pakistan

Fossilized rocks in the transitional zone between Lot Owir Ann in Upper Chitral and Ozhor Ann in Lower Chitral mark the path to the Terichmir Basecamp. Along this route, one encounters an array of rocks adorned with intriguing rock inscriptions. Interestingly, some of these rocks appear to preserve fossils of plants and reptiles, bearing distinct imprints of body scales and characteristic twists indicative of reptilian anatomy.

Contemplating the possibility that these rocks indeed encapsulate fossils raises profound questions regarding the historical presence of living organisms in this geographical area. Is proximity to glaciation a conducive factor for fossilization in such regions? Exploring further, one wonders about the nature of reptiles and other fauna that thrived in this locale during the epochs under consideration, prompting a cascade of inquiries.

A pertinent facet to consider is the relatively brief history of life's existence in the mountainous terrains of the Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalayas. It is believed that human migration to these areas coincided with the thawing of glaciers, a historical timeline spanning thousands of years. During this transitional period, reptiles, herbivores, carnivores, and avian species also underwent migration, shaping the ecological dynamics of the region.

An alternative hypothesis posits that the region might have been submerged underwater after glacier melting, resembling a vast river or lake teeming with colossal reptiles, fishes, and other marine organisms. As the waters receded to the south at Arandu in the Lower Chitral, leaving behind an arid landscape, these creatures succumbed to the changing environment. Yet, the high cold temperatures prevalent in the region prevented the decay of their physical remains, resulting in their fossilization within the rock formations observed today.

In anticipation of an expert discourse on this matter, fossil experts, glaciologists, and geologists are requested to explore these hypotheses and engage in a comprehensive examination of the geological and paleontological implications. Your insights and expertise on this intriguing subject would be highly appreciated.

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