With this guest article by Jana we take you on a journey to the Island of Ischia and tell you more about authentic travel experiences!

A Sustainable Travel Journey – Gateway to Authenticity

Throughout a wonderful collaboration with my friend Jana I'm happy to present the latest guest article about authentic travel experiences, the difference between weak and strong sustainability, and the concept of materiality. Enjoy a journey highlighting the beautiful island of Ischia: https://mygreenplanet.travel.blog/2023/07/03/a-sustainable-travel-journey-gateway-to-authenticity/

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New blog article about Benin

Dear community, After a break due to a new job, I share my new blog article with you featuring Bernis, a young entrepreneur from Benin. He is the CEO of 2Morrow Trip, a sustainable tourism agency, and will get give you insights about his home country: https://mygreenplanet.travel.blog/2022/07/31/sustainable-tourism-in-benin/Enjoy reading

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Support needed

Hi everyone!Hi everyone!Please support Bernis and his company 2Morrow Trip to learn more about European customers. He's the CEO of a sustainable travel agency in and wants to offer tours to European clients, especially in France, UK and Germany.Please take some time and answer his questions to help him customize tours in Benin for European clients! The survey is available in English and French:https://lnkd.in/eNUmSPiEhttps://lnkd.in/eCwS5zs5Thank you for your support.

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The latest IPCC report and first steps to make a sustainable travel change

The current news about the latest reports of the IPCC state that climate change is man-made and the rise of temperature with an average of 1.5C° will be reached 10 years earlier than estimated. The latest news were quite frustrating and taking responsibilty with every little step we take during our exploration of the globe this article should give some hope and inspiration to have a positive impact. Read more: https://mygreenplanet.travel.blog/2021/10/27/the-latest-ipcc-report-and-first-steps-to-make-a-sustainable-travel-change/

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Let’s travel digitally! – Conscious Travelista

My first digital trip to Moscow and yes it's worth to travel digitally sometimes and try something new!

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Between green megacities, learnings about sustainability and local traditions

Between green megacities, learnings about sustainability and local traditions

Dear community, Here is my current blog article focussing on different aspects of sustainability during my backpacking trip from Singapore and Malaysia!Thank you for your time and feel free to comment and share!

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New Sustainable Travel Blog

Happy to announce that finally I launched my sustainable travel blog with amazing stories and further inspiration to live sustainably: https://mygreenplanet.travel.blog/Feel free to leave a comment and thank you in advance for your time!

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A reflection of 2020 and why volunteering helps you improve your skills set

This article is maybe a bit different from previous ones and also a review of a year like no other, but it will be full of inspiration for 2021! For all of you it was probably a very challenging and unusual year. Some lost their jobs, some suffered from social distancing and others needed to organiz

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How zero-waste stores minimize your amount of waste

This month I would like to showcase how zero-waste shops can help you to reduce your amount of waste and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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