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Protecting Trichonida, Greece's largest natural lake

  1. Last weekend I visited Lake Trichonida, in Western Greece along with other Board Members of the Greek Ecotourism Society. The lake is relatively unknown as a destination, even for domestic tourism, although it is Greece's largest natural lake and a natural treasure. The purpose of our visit was to support the local National Park Authorities in their efforts to tackle illegal waste dumping in the area with a voluntary cleanup and raise awareness with a one-day conference in Aitoliko. We managed to mobilize members of 10 local environmental NGOs and civil society. We also visited the Municipal waste disposal areas and Klisova lagoon and the National Park Visitor Observatory. An extra bonus was that our event was held at the Vasso Katraki Engraving Arts Centre, which is showcasing the works of arguably the foremost Greek engraver of the 20th century. The Greek Ecotourism Society will soon publish a best practice guide to assist local NGO's with networking and developing actions that support local Protected Areas Management Bodies. We were particularly happy to receive positive feedback as the pandemic had cancelled many events and initiatives and these two days were a great opportunity for local environmentalists to get together again.
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