Public appeal of tourism companies to the Environmental Commission of the Parliament of Estonia and the Minister of Environment concerning sustainable management of Estonia forests.

Current forest policy and forest management practices in Estonia do not take into sufficient consideration the needs of tourism sector. Increasing forest cutting conflict with internationally formed opinion about Estonia's untouched nature and protected forests. In theory 26% of forests are under protection, but in actuality logging is routinely going on in national parks. Such contradiction has strong negative impact to tourism enterprises of Estonia and implicitly to the economy and reputation of the country generally.

Tourism sector is one of the cornerstones of Estonian economy, its GDP is with similar order of magnitude, as that of logging sector. The number of foreign tourists visiting Estonia is constantly growing. Forest is very important asset and resource of tourism industry. Unfortunately no representatives of tourism sector have been involved in decision making, concerning forest management trends and orientations.

Pursuant to the aforementioned we submit our proposals:

  1. Retain the forests in protected areas in natural condition and therefore earn long-run economic profit from tourism industry;
  2. Consider the interests of the tourism sector in forest policy and make the amendments in relevant acts;
  3. Involve the representatives of tourism sector in the institutions, evolving forest policy in Estonia.

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