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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Northern Pakistan

Kumrat, located in the Upper Dir district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is a relatively newly explored destination. This fascinating landscape is known for its lush green meadows, towering pine forests, ancient birch trees, vibrant variety of flowers, diverse wildlife, streams and laked. Surrounded by majestic snow-peaked mountains and glaciers, Kumrat offers a picturesque setting for adventurists and explorers.

There are various trekking routes that lead to neighboring valleys such as Swat and Chitral, with the famous Thallo Pass connecting to Laspur Valley, in district Upper Chitral. Among these routes, Shahzor, a stunning alpine lake surroundef by lush forests, has become a favorite camping site for trekking enthusiasts. The entire trekking route along the Bashqar valley, combined with this location, presents a heavenly spectacle from June 15th to August 30 each year, making it irresistible for trekkers and adventurers.

One of the marvelous gifts of nature along the route is Zhoki Lake, the watershed of which flows to the Bashqar Lake on the Laspur side. Welcoming the golden rays of the morning sun, the early hours at Zhoki Lake reveal the breathtaking beauty of nature. As you witness the nearby glacier above the lake, you will be captivated by the gentle clouds drifting across its surface. This place is truly a photographer's dream, offering unrivaled beauty.

Continuing the journey towards Bashqar Lake from Zhoki Lake, you will encounter a magnificent waterfall known as 'Dronhanu Ghochar,' which translates to 'Rainbow Fall.' With a height of around 80 meters, this waterfall showcases the mesmerizing splendor of water splashes and the ethereal mist that creates a rainbow—a beautiful phenomenon of nature.

Beyond the fall lies 'Beti Moli', where you will experience a nomadic way of life. This area is blessed with knee-length dense grass, birch trees, and expansive grazing lands, making it one of the most abundant pasturelands in the region. To reach Bashqar Lake for camping, you must traverse icy-cold streams in this area.

Bashqar Lake itself is a vast water reservoir, spreading across thousands of acres of flat terrain. Until mid-July, the lake exhibits a stunning turquoise blue color, but as the hot weather melts the glaciers, the water gradually becomes muddier.While the route from this point to Laspur is conveniently sloping, it is strewn with enormous boulders. 

The journey from Kumrat to Laspur Valley in Upper Chitral typically takes three nights and four days.

Must experience this exhilarating trek and create lasting memories of a lifetime.

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