Neoliberal geeks and the wretched state of labour rights, a revealing prank by the brilliant Yes Men:

Activists Troll Web Summit As Fake Marshmello Pushes Fake Coin

Activist group The Yes Men pulled a prank on the Web Summit attendees recently, aiming to evidence labor issues within big brands.

Climate denialism (President) hand in hand with denialism of junta crimes (Vice-president), tough times for Argentina -…

Ceasefire in Gaza: too good to last?…

What or who is behind the global steady and ugly rise of the far right?…

It's a good start but what would be even better than interconnected luxury train journeys, is interconnected AFFORDABLE train journeys and rail networks for everyone.

Railbookers Unveils Around-the-World Luxury Train Journey - AFAR

Railbookers just unveiled an itinerary that connects 7 iconic train rides, including the Maharajas’ Express, Rocky Mountaineer, and Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.