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  • Position
    Project coordinator
  • Company
    Swiss Cetacean Society
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Hometown
  • Favourite Destination
    any willdife watching tourism spot, focusing on animal conservation and research
  • Hobbies & Interests
    Animal Biology
    Tourism in Japan and India
    Wildlife photography
  • Education

  • Degrees & Certificates
    Bachelor in Humanities (University of Geneva)
    Master in Tourism Studies (University of Lausanne)
    Master in Anima Law (University in Barcelona)
    3 months internship as a volunteer with 3 organizations/companies in South Africa (South African Shark Conservancy, White Shark Projects, Marine Dynamics)
    2 months internship with Terra Conscious, organization for sustainable tourism.
    work member and guide at Swiss Cetacean Society (2 years).
    Currently working on a conservation project for dolphin watching.
  • Languages spoken
    French (main language)
    English (fluently)
    Spanish (fluently)
    Japanese (average)
    German (basics)
  • Professional Interests

  • Jobs/Opportunities sought:
    I would like to conduct research on marine wildlife tourism linked with conservation (starting september 2019). Therefore I am looking for a University interested in this field to help me conduct the research for a PhD.
    I am also interested for jobs or paid internships in the wildlife tourism field, or something related with animal conservation.
  • Work Experience
    In possession of a Master degree in Tourism Studies and another in Animal Law and Society, I am interested in ecotourism, wildlife tourism and animal conservation, with a focus on cetaceans and whale watching.
    I am currently the manager for a conservation project with Swiss Cetacean Society (SCS) for the creation of an Ecolabel for responsible whale watching.
  • Services Offered
    Experience in responsible whale watching as guide, creator of ecotours, conservation projects.