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  • Ecotourism Interests

  • My Connection with Ecotourism
    Working in the field of Ecotourism as both a venue and interpretive experience assistant manager, and providing freelance consulting services.
    Also completing studies in Sustainable Tourism Development and Management
  • I am seeking
    I'm into projects that are about reconnecting people with nature, holistic wellbeing and having a positive affect on community, locally and globally. I am interested in the following regions: Chile, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Greece, Guatemala, Laos, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Vietnam.

    These are types of projects that I am interested in getting involved in:
    Back2nature experiences
    Ecotourism, sustainable & responsible tourism
    Nature retreats
    Outdoor & survival skills training
    Meditation and yoga retreats & venues
    Spiritual retreat centres
    Wilderness adventures
    Holistic health training venues
    Wellbeing and wellness retreats
    Environmental conservation
    Spas & health resorts
    Voluntourism & experiential tourism
    Animal sanctuaries
  • I am offering
    Wise and contemporary support for
    Getting people back2nature…experiences, venues and conservation.

    Creating, managing, streamlining projects & experiences. On the ground & online support.
  • Other Interests
    The great outdoors, connecting people and nature, permaculture, animal husbandry
  • Qualifications
    Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management
    by the George Washington School of Business
  • Education

  • Languages spoken
    German, English
  • Contact Information

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