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    Tourism Professional / Project Manager
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    CAMAT [Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism], a registered non-profit association working for the promotion of culture-rooted and environmental-friendly tourism in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan
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    Chitra Town
  • Favourite Destination
    Kalash valleys of Chitral
  • Hobbies & Interests
    I love trekking in the Kalash valleys and northern Chitral. I like reading and writing. Am computer junkie. I very much like teaching and imparting capacity building training. Organizing workshops and seminars is another area of interest.
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    I have master degree in Internationjal Relations and Political Science plus Becholer of Education (B.Ed) from Peshawar university.
  • Languages spoken
    Khowar, Kalasha, Urdu, Persian and English
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    CAMAT is thankful to ECOCLUB for providing us such a great forum to stregthening our linkages. To our friends on ECOCLUB, we would like to ask to please send us tourists besides communicating our cause of tourism in different forums. Would like our friends to share their professional skills and help built our linkages. In turn we can also share our indigenous knowledge about the culture of the famous Kalash, Wakhi and Kho communities in Chitral.
  • Work Experience
    I have master degrees in International Relations and Political Science plus Becholer of Education from Peshawar university. I have been working as teachers before joining AKRSP as consultant for two years in 2001. In 2003, I joined KADO [Karimabad Area Development Organisation] as team leader to work on medicinal plants. The project was financed by SDC. I joined CAMAT in August 2004 as Manager in a project financed by UNESCO intended to promote ecotourism in the mountainous region of South and Central Asia. CAMAT organised an international seminar on ecotourism participated by all the partner organisations in Central and South Asia. I have participated in such workshops in India and Uzbekistan in addition to the exposure visit given to me by UNESCO paris office.

    I really relish trekking and guiding with tourists coming to northern Pakistan. I like my professoin so much that now I can not think about anything else except tourism. I really am into it and love my profession.
  • Services Offered
    I am offering following services
    1) guiding services
    2) info on festivals
    3) visit to Kalash valleys
    4) homestay
    5) traditional cuisine
    6) free style polo & horseback riding
    7) visit to northern Chitral
    8) visit to Gilgit-Baltistan
    9) Trekking