(last updated 23 March 2016)

ECOCLUB.com Ecolodge Membership is a unique support & promotion package offered by the ECOCLUB.com Team to eligible accommodation facilities.



1. All Professional Membership benefits

2. Specialised Ecolodge Consultancy services relating to how to minimize your ecological footprint and maximize your social impact, online presence and profits



We currently accept Accommodation facilities as follows:

Facilities must be:

(a) in one of the following categories: Lodges, Inns, Guesthouses, Homestays, Farmstays, Agritourism facilities, Boutique Hotels.

(b) up to 20 rooms - no room limit if owned by a non-profit, a cooperative, a municipal entreprise or a worker-managed company.

(c) legally licensed as tourism accommodation facilities.

(d) located and operated in accordance with all applicable national & international environmental legislation, human rights treaties and international labour standards.

(e) The following types are not eligible: Self-catering apartments, villas for rent, holiday-home developments, golf resorts, facilities owned by hotel chains or business groups, facilities affiliated with religious or political organisations, facilities that display animals or promote hunting, game-fishing or fly-fishing.



Please complete the Ecolodge Membership Application Form.



Ecolodge Membership Terms (last update 16 February 2016): (1) "Ecolodge Membership" (hereafter 'Membership') is an online subscription service offered by ECOCLUB S.A. (hereafter 'We', 'us') to an INDIVIDUAL or a Company (hereafter 'Member', 'Members', 'You') who is the official, legal owner of an accommodation facility which completes the Membership procedure, as stated on this page (https://ecoclub.com/join/lodge). (2) Membership Benefits and Obligations and our Editorial policy are as stated on this page (https://ecoclub.com/join/lodge) and may be amended at any time without notice. Failure to Meet the Membership Obligations may result in a Membership Termination, Suspension or non-renewal. (3) Members should always act in a way that enhances the unity and strength of ECOCLUB.com and the quality of online content offered at ECOCLUB.com and be ready to assist other Members according to their abilities. They should also refrain from excessive soliciting or in any form of spamming, including message and post spamming and the posting of an excessive number of links to 3rd party websites. We reserve the right to edit the subject and content of all posts, articles and comments,  or to delete these if editing is impractical, so as to meet the above requirements, and to warn, suspend or ban Members who in our view act in a disruptive manner. (4) Members should not compete with ECOCLUB.com by operating identical websites and offering identical services. (5) Members agree to indemnify us against any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from their being a Member. (6) We make no guarantees as to the quality, non-interruption, availability, performance or benefits of this service. All our services are subject to availability. (7) We do not guarantee any potential or speculated business profits or benefits attached to you being a Member. (8) Membership is granted to you as an individual and is not transferable. You should not share your Membership password otherwise your Membership will be immediately terminated, you will be banned from future use and legal action may be pursued. (9) Information that appears on the ECOCLUB.com website and email communications and in any Member sections such as the Projects, Jobs and Real Estate Databases is provided for your own personal and direct use only and it should not be resold in any way, re-transmitted, reproduced, broadcast or copied online or in any other form, without written permission. Violators will be instantly and permanently banned from Membership, while legal action may also be pursued. (10) By becoming a Member, you agree to receive email communications from ECOCLUB. (11) You agree not to hold us responsible in relation to any damages caused by offering or failing to offer a Membership Benefit. (12) You are free to resign from your Membership at any time by contacting us through our Helpdesk. In this case, no refund of any fees that have been paid by You (if applicable) will be made. (13) The provision of fraudulent information by you in your application form will lead to immediate termination of your Membership, with no refund. (14) We may also suspend or terminate your Membership for any reason and at any time. (15) In case the website ECOCLUB.com ceases operations, no refund will be due. (16) Upon expiry or termination of your Membership, you will immediately remove and destroy all information and promotional material that identifies you as a Member of ECOCLUB. (17) You agree to indemnify ECOCLUB S.A. against all claims made in relation to you and/or your Company. The payment of such indemnity shall not prevent us from seeking any and all damages suffered by us as a result of your illegal behaviour or breach of contract. (18) In the case of termination initiated by us we will refund any Membership fee paid -- if applicable -- minus 1/12th for every used month of your 1 Year Membership and minus 1/36th for every used month of your 3 Year Membership (if applicable). We can only refund through PayPal. (19) However, your failure to meet any of these terms and conditions, or your engagement in illegal acts will lead to the immediate termination of your Membership, with no refund. (20) These terms and benefits can be updated and/or amended at any time without notice by posting at this webpage. It is your responsibility to periodically check this page for changes. (21) Any dispute arising from this Agreement will be referred to the Law Courts of Athens, Greece, according to the Greek Laws.

1. If you decide to display the ECOCLUB.com Ecolodge Member Logo in your website, you should directly link it to your rating page at ECOCLUB.com, for verification purposes.