Immortality is still a long shot, but curing Alzheimer's could be nearer…

Scientists Say They Found the Genes That Makes Immortal Jellyfish Immortal

Scientists study the immortal jellyfish to learn about its DNA reproduction, life cycle and telomeres. New research reveals its special genes.

Malaga punishing holiday flats.... it seems cities are focusing on treating the symptoms rather than the disease.…

Malaga bans more holiday flats in latest tourism crackdown

Malaga’s council has banned any more properties being turned into tourist accommodation, but existing lets will not be affected

Amsterdam plans to replace all Chinese-made CCTV cameras for "security" reasons.... a political decision bordering on hysteria as if cameras made elsewhere are safe...…

Refugee Week is taking place in Athens (17-23 June, 2024) a vibrant cultural festival celebrating the contribution, creativity and authenticity of people having experienced forced migration.

Tourists should stay away from such "traditional" markets.... high time to abolish the pet trade.…

Thai market fire consumes hundreds of caged animals | News | Al Jazeera

More than 100 pet stalls have been damaged in Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

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Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF)

Led by Dr Palitha Gurusinghe, this non-profit organization has pioneered ecotourism research, consultancy, planning, training and promotion in Sri Lanka, since 1998. SLEF also organises…

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