Herman Erdtsieck & Marion Neidt of MamboViewPoint Ecolodge, Tanzania
"It appears there are too many people wanting to "do good" in "poor Africa"...Luckily most volunteers are genuine and have a better understanding"
Cyril Dion Cyril Dion, Writer, Film director & Eco-activist:
"What we need now is to find ways to free the creativity, the enthusiasm of most people to get them on board.
We don’t need to complain or to cry anymore, we need to act."
Book Review

Book Review: "Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet"
This densely written book can be your crash course in tourism sustainability

Proposed US-Mexico border wall threatens critical wildlife habitat
According to new report by the Center for Biological Diversity

New Report on Gastronomy Tourism & Sustainability by UNTWO
Gastronomy tourism offers 'enormous potential' for sustainability & inclusion
EUROSOLAR: "End fossil & nuclear subsidies now!"
European Association for Renewable Energy issues seven-point call
LGBT Tourism Report UNWTO and IGLTA release 2nd Global Report on LGBT Tourism
Highlights global trends along with a review of the current state of LGBT rights
European Cyclists' Federation launches first comprehensive European cycling map
The map will soon be open for public input