Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic it may seem odd to think about marketing or greening your accommodation. On the contrary, now is a great time to plan ahead, to (re)think, to check what you were doing wrong, to learn new skills, to fix things that you always wanted but could not find the time and to prepare a detailed strategy for the day after so as to be fully prepared for the great return of green customers.

Our Team founded and manages Ecoclub, the green tourism & hospitality network, since 1999. Ecoclub acts as a Partner for important tourism events, community tourism projects and campaigns. We have travelled extensively around the world and have good contacts worldwide. We directly participate in the tourism sharing economy as hosts and have first-hand experience with developing, refurbishing and managing residential and rental properties in Greece. With over 20 years sustainable hospitality & tourism knowledge, experience and contacts, we offer remote consulting services to current and aspiring accommodation providers who - while trying to cope with the Coronavirus crisis - also care about minimising their environmental footprint, maximising their social impact and, last but not least, offering genuine hospitality and memorable experiences to their guests! 

As Green Tourism & Hospitality Marketing Specialists we can remotely help accommodation providers achieve their goals as follows:

  • selecting a quality ecolabel which is both affordable and suitable for your accommodation or product 
  • meeting the requirements and completing the certification steps - not by greenwashing, but by implementing real green changes in how you operate!
  • developing and maintaining an environmental and social responsibility policy
  • reaching a discerning audience that will truly appreciate and reward you for your green efforts! 
  • exploring alternative promotion channels
  • choosing a booking/sharing economy platform
  • creating and maintaining your listings in various platforms
  • analysing your website statistics
  • improving your website content and presentation to make your website more user-friendly and effective in generating direct bookings
  • seeking new revenue streams, introducing new services for your guests and improving their satisfaction
  • devising a customer relationship management policy and loyalty programs
  • producing and distributing informative and engaging news announcements
  • evaluating and categorising your customers, their wishes & desires
  • researching your competitors and learning from their mistakes and successes
  • detecting and cultivating synergies with other local businesses
  • developing an intelligent pricing model and a sensible cancellation policy
  • creating a new appropriate and effective brand
  • maximize the sale value of your green business
  • more depending on your specific needs

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