Ecoclub has been promoting ecotourism and sustainable tourism worldwide and supporting current and aspiring tourism professionals, practitioners and academics since 1999. Through the years we have acquired specialist knowledge which we share with accommodation providers genuinely interested in greening their operations.

As every savvy eco-friendly accommodation provider knows, nothing annoys a real ecotourist more than Greenwashing! Greenhushing, or keeping quiet about your achievements, is also a mistake, as it leaves money on the table and an open field to the fakes. If you really care about the environment and your local community you must prove it beyond doubt and in an official manner with an Ecotourism Certification and - equally important - communicate your achievements far and wide! We can help you with both greening & communicating!

Which certification programme should you choose among the increasingly dense forest of shiny green signs? We can help you:

  • select a quality ecolabel which is both affordable and suitable for the type of your accommodation, tour or service and meets your specific needs.
  • meet the requirements and completing the certification steps - not by greenwashing, but by implementing real green changes in how you operate!
  • develop and maintain an environmental and social responsibility policy
  • reach a discerning audience that will truly appreciate and **reward** you for your green efforts! 

We can also help you with your specialist online Ecotourism Marketing needs, including but not limited to:

  • improving your presence on mass social media and booking platforms and explore alternative promotion channels
  • analysing your website and your website statistics and improve the content and presentation so as to make your website more user-friendly and effective in generating direct bookings from your own website! (why on earth pay these high commissions?)
  • creating an appropriate and effective logo and related branding materials
  • seeking new revenue streams, introducing new services for your guests and improving their satisfaction
  • increasing guest loyalty
  • producing and distributing informative and engaging news announcements
  • evaluating and categorising your guests, their wishes & desires
  • researching your competitors and learn from their mistakes and successes
  • detecting and cultivating synergies with other local businesses
  • much more! 


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