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First Posted: 28 September 2015 - Last Update: 13 July 2016

Owner: Banca March (Spanish Private Bank)

Contact: Daniel Steinegger [Marketing Agent] - marketing [at] socialmediatailored.com - Phone: +34 971 67 11 76 - Enquiry Form

Lodge Name: Sa Cabana d’es Frares

Lodge Address: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/WvQ3z 

Sale Price and Currency: Price on Application

Reason for Sale: Bank-owned property, suitable for Ecotourism

Lodge currently in operation?No, It´s an Historic Country House

Number of Rooms: 10

Built-up Area (in square metres): 3,977 m2 for residential purposes

Year of Construction: c. 1700

Conservation Features: The first written reference to this rural property, locally known as “Sa Cabana d’es Frares” (The Monks Hut), dates back to the 16th century. Apparently it was a hut dwelled by Carthusian monks who used to provide accommodation to travellers walking the public road of “Passatemps”, which constitutes the north boundary of the plot.

Ecological Features: There is an Arab irrigation ditch, declared a Cultural Heritage Site, running throughout the plot with its water supply source in the northern outer part of the property. The property has a legalized well with an authorized water consumption of 6,500 m3 per year as well as the registered right to take water from the spring locally known as Font de Mestre Pere 36 hours a week, starting at sunrise on Monday. It has two irrigation water storage ponds, being the biggest one 30 m x 60 m  and a smaller one.

Energy-Saving Features: The Estate has a lot of water. Firstly there is a spring with water rights. This is a spring which appears when there is a lot of rain. It feeds water into old water canals flowing down towards Palma. Those canals date back to Arab times, when they supplied water to the city of Palma. Then the Estate has a groundwater extraction right, which allows groundwater to be pumped up. There is also a very large water reservoir with a surface of 2277 m2, which can store the water during the winter. With this water the Finca can be transformed into an oasis.

Location: Located in the municipality of Palma, 10 minutes away from the city centre, and 20 minutes from the airport. Palma enjoys an excellent climate all year round (with an average annual temperature of 64° F). Known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, it also has an attractive historic quarter. The coastal landscape of the island is full of coves, beaches and cliffs, with inland towns and mountain ranges reaching up to 1,500 meters above sea level. The variety of the landscape and culture invites visitors to explore every corner of Mallorca and to discover more about the gastronomy of the island.

Nearest Airport: Palma de Mallorca International Airport, 20 minutes drive.

Other points:

The total floor space of the residential buildings is 1,656.39 sq meters (17.825 sf). There are additional agricultural and livestock buildings located behind the houses, with a total area of 2,407 sq meters.

Option to extend: It is possible to purchase an additional 800,000 sq meters of land, if there are plans for an agricultural enterprise.

This unique property is ideal as a special project for people who love the unusual and for people who want to combine the antique with a contemporary style and design.

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