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Strawberry FieldsStrawberry Fields Ecolodge
A lodge, restaurant, farm and permaculture design training centre. Choose from a series of Cultural Immersion Programs, giving an in-depth view of the fascinating local Konso culture through lectures, workshops, community-based activities and trekking trails, all led by Konso community members.
Adventures in EthiopiaAdventures in Ethiopia
A blog about the adventures of Jessie McComb in Ethiopia and beyond!
The Chronicles of an ItaliopianThe Chronicles of an Italiopian: Photography
As a young writer and photographer, I intoxicate myself with all the beautiful, absolutely fascinating landscapes, people, cultures and mysteries of our planet. This is where I share a glimpse of my photography with you, a place for the free, for those who long to discover.
Eshi Eco TravelEshi Eco Travel
Experience the real Ethiopian life.You will learn about the country from the inside, not only the tourist hotspots and fancy hotels but the real life. You travel to unknown destinations and will discover the real Ethiopia. If possible you will live like the locals, have meals in their homes and you can find out about their daily life.