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Puri LumbungPuri Lumbung Cottages
Renovated 80-year old rice barns or ‘lumbung’ set amidst a rice paddy, surrounded by rainforest, and cool mountain air near the village of Munduk, in North Bali. The compound is designed in the traditional Balinese manner and modelled on the sacred human form with shrines at the head, guest accommodation at the heart and other facilities at the foot. Guests enjoy spectacular sunsets and stunning panoramas of the rice fields and coast line in the distance. Facilities include restaurant, spa and meditation/yoga space. Participate in dancing, cooking and instrument-making classes, hike to waterfalls and plantations growing coffee, cloves, vanilla & avocado.
Lhsaquatic Underwater ImagesLhsaquatic Underwater Images
Leah Hope Sindel worked for some years in various roles on the Great Barrier Reef and eventually become a full time Photo Pro for a local dive operation. She now runs a resort in Indonesia but still finds time to photograph some of its beautiful underwater sites.
North Nias TourismNorth Nias Tourism
Informative portal featuring the northern part of Nias an island west of Sumatra which marks the western limit of the Indonesian archipelago. Offers information for tourists and tourism investors alike.