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CAMATChitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT)
NGO active in community tourism and conservation in Chitral
The Region InitiativeThe Region Initiative (TRI)
A Tri-regional umbrella of tourism-related organisations functioning as a link between South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and connecting the ancient Silk Road destinations. 
KNDP TravelKNDP Travel
A team of highly-experienced and qualified professionals promoting Hindukush-Karakorum and the Himalayan mountainous regions of Pakistan. KNDP offers a wide range of all-inclusive travel services and arrange extensions and combination treks and tours in Tibet, China, India, Central Asia and Iran. Interviews:
Agha Iqrar HaroonAgha Iqrar Haroon
Honorary Head, The Region Initiative (TRI), Pakistan
Shams UddinShams Uddin
Project Manager, Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT)