Members' Websites
CAMATChitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT)
NGO active in community tourism and conservation in Chitral
The Region InitiativeThe Region Initiative (TRI)
A Tri-regional umbrella of tourism-related organisations functioning as a link between South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and connecting the ancient Silk Road destinations. 
KNDP TravelKNDP Travel
A team of highly-experienced and qualified professionals promoting Hindukush-Karakorum and the Himalayan mountainous regions of Pakistan. KNDP offers a wide range of all-inclusive travel services and arrange extensions and combination treks and tours in Tibet, China, India, Central Asia and Iran.
ECOCLUB Interviews
Agha Iqrar HaroonAgha Iqrar Haroon
Honorary Head, The Region Initiative (TRI), Pakistan
Shams UddinShams Uddin
Project Manager, Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT)