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L'Orri de PlanesL’Orri de Planès
Trailside Eco-Lodge located at an elevation of 1550 meters above sea level along the Trans- Pyrenees hiking trail (GR 10). In a magnificent setting in the Eastern French Pyrenees, you will find healthy & balanced meals, cozy comfortable rooms and an international atmosphere. Many activities in surrounding areas including historic monuments, natural attractions, hot springs, farms and local products.
Association Francaise d'EcotourismeAssociation Francaise d'Ecotourisme
The French Ecotourism Association website, featuring ecotourism services & resources. Offers consultancy and training. - Ecotourisme et voyage responsable
Portal offering a global selection of ecotours and responsible holidays for individuals and small groups. Includes information about community projects undertaken by their members.
NT ConsultingNT Consulting
Offer consulting services to tourism stakeholders ranging from international donor agencies to communities. Our expertise has been perfected through a wide array of projects in Africa, Asia and Europe including responsible tourism planning, capacity building, creating trails and designing training curricula.
Tourism development consultancy specialising in working with all tourism stakeholders and promoting a tourism for tomorrow. We provide you with all the appropriate tools for adapting your tourism services. Our experience includes Local Agenda 21, responsible tourism market research and training. 
PausecoPauséco - Ecotourism Development
Pauséco is a sustainable and responsible tourism consultancy founded in 2015 by Marie-Mathilde Basile. Services include professional training, feasibility studies, operational assistance, design of tourism products and events, tourism marketing and networking with local stakeholders.
ECOCLUB Interviews
Pascal LanguillonPascal Languillon
Director, French Ecotourism Association.