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Foundation established in 1989 by UNEP and the Norwegian Government with a mission to communicate environmental information to policy-makers and facilitate environmental decision-making for change. Offers sustainable tourism capacity in areas such as Bio-cultural Conservation, Finance and Investment, Policy Frameworks, Knowledge Networks and Poverty Alleviation.
Eser AfacanEser Afacan
An internationally-appraised painter with Turkish background specialising in oil paintings and drawings. A past student of Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian figurative painter.
LT&CLinking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)
Non-profit organisation based in Arendal. It aims to develop tools and incentives for replication of best practices and examples of sustainable tourism that supports the establishment and management of national parks and other types of protected areas.
Beachmeter online magazine will update you on anything beach related including special feature beaches, beach music and culture, beachers, beach experiences and secrets from within the tourism industry. Special destination-specific features focus primarily on Thailand and Southeast Asia.