Members' Websites
TIESThe International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
Uniting conservation, communities & sustainable travel, TIES serves its members as the global source of ecotourism knowledge & advocacy.
Developed by Ron Mader in 1994 as a reporter's notebook, pioneered online reporting focusing on conscious travel around the globe. The award-winning site is geared toward conscious travellers, hosts and everyone in between seeking practical suggestions in the realm of eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel.
Center for Responsible TravelCenter for Responsible Travel
A non-profit research institute based in Washington, DC. Founded in 2003, with the mission is to promote responsible tourism policies and practices globally.
Thyme in the CountryThyme in the Country (NY)
19th century B&B located in Columbia County, an area rich in history. Winter activities include skiing, snowboarding and skating. Summer activities include kayaking, fishing, cycling, and swimming.
STISustainable Travel International
Non-profit working with communities, companies, governments and organisations to create a better path forward, towards clean beaches, protected parks, economic justice, cultural preservation and the engagement of millions of travellers.
EWIEplerWood International
Consultancy led by Megan Epler Wood which develops markets for sustainable development worldwide; building image, strategic alliances and demand, targeting an ethical market. 
Hana MauiHana Maui Botanical Gardens (HI) - For Sale
A 27-acre site with a 10 acre botanical garden with fruit trees and tropical flowers. It has a large free parking area and is a walking garden. Small hand-drawn map provided to help visitors navigate the gardens.
Meaningful TripsMeaningful Trips
Tour operator born out of two decades of tourism industry experience specifically targeted at Responsible, Sustainable, Ecotourism and Adventure Travel niches. Tours in Nepal, India, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, Israel & Palestine and other places address and lend financial support to global development issues. 
Hawaii Shark EncountersHawaii Shark Encounters
3 miles off shore in Oahu, enter the open ocean world to admire Galapagos and Sandbar sharks in their natural environment from the safety of a cage. Learn about shark biology and cultural significance & participate in ongoing shark research projects.
Media SherpaMedia Sherpa
Creative Production & Technology Consulting focusing on digital media for institutions, major companies and small startups. Founder John Canning previously was with Yahoo! Studios, Yahoo! News and Microsoft TV's division. He currently serves as executive producer & videographer for Green Living Project.
Burnett-Ragueneau J Samuel Burnett-Ragueneau MLA
As a professional with a background in MLA Landscape Design and Conservation and a passionate traveller, I am very interested in the design, development and management of Eco-Resorts, Eco-Lodges, and the world of Eco-Tourism in general.
SolimarSolimar International
Small corporation focusing on sustainable tourism and stimulating growth while conserving natural resources & cultural heritage. Our aim is to transfer knowledge, business processes and market linkages to local entrepreneurs, improve industry cooperation and create business linkages.
TextiletravelTextile Travel
Tours for fibre enthusiasts organised by Kathleen Lyons, fibre lover and traveller extraordinaire. Specialising in Celtic countries, UK, the British Virgin Islands, Europe, Alaska & Hawaii.
Charity which helps preserve traditional art forms in danger of extinction through research and awareness-raising.
Manatee Ecotours in FloridaManatee Ecotours in Florida
Led by a wildlife biologist & marine mammal specialist with several years of state research experience with manatees, our tours are conducted with a hands-off approach, for true ecotourists, via one of the least intrusive means, kayaks
National Parks Conservation AssociationNational Parks Conservation Association
Established in 1919, NPCA has grown to represent 325,000 members through our Washington DC headquarters and 23 regional and field offices, all working to "protect and enhance America's National Park System for present and future generations."
Mountain Spirit InstituteMountain Spirit Institute
MSI have been running a broad range of experiential workshops and educational programs in mountain environments, in the U.S. and abroad, since 1998. Participants appreciate their own resources, others around them and acquire a better sense of their place in the natural world.
Farming around the CountryFarming Around the Country
The book reveals the humour and hardship of life dominated by a revolving door of farm animals, injuries, eccentric farmers, and unexpected wisdom. The heart of this story lies with the unusual people and tasks on each farm. Author Brian Bender entered his year of transformation as a high school science teacher and came out educated in the ways of sustainable living and human happiness.
Mutualist BlogMutualist Blog
Blog by Kevin Carson, author and prominent proponent of Mutualism, discussing free market anti-capitalism.
integratedtourismInstitute for Integrated Rural Tourism
The Institute works with communities and individuals to develop tourism systems in which rural people and rural life patterns form the foundation of the touristic experience. Integrated Rural Tourism honours rural life patterns, weaving together the story of natural and human communities through the visitor experience. 
Coffee Cup TravelsCoffee Cup Travels
Blog by Lindsay Milich focusing on culinary travel in the Mediterranean and the Middle east, with delicious recipes! 
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
Not-for-profit organisation creating, promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards, conformity assessment systems, accreditation of certification systems and the use of norms and guidelines that directly impact the U.S. quality of life, the environment and businesses in every sector. 
Laurel AngristLaurel Angrist
The portfolio of Laurel Angrist—a New York city-based writer specialising in stories about travel, the arts, and culture. Follow the links to her published articles, photos, and resume. 

Kimberley PlayerKimberley Player - Sustainable Development Consultant
Sustainable Development Consultant with over 15 years of experience in economic development and strategic real estate planning in projects throughout the Americas. Offers extensive market research expertise in project management, demand forecasting, financial analysis and a holistic community planning focus.
Established in 1991 in Dallas, Texas, ENTACT is the largest national provider of environmental remediation services to the private industry. Our goal is to be the leading global provider of innovative, cost-effective, safe and sustainable environmental solutions.
Accidental Naturalist BlogAccidental Naturalist Blog 
Notes on life as an Alaskan tour guide, from a kayaker and sporadic Alaskan who never thought she would actually be doing this for a living.
CU WildCU Wild
The oldest environmental club at the University of Colorado at Boulder, since 1970 the members of CU Wild have been engaged in wild places monitoring and conservation, researching legislation, commenting on public lands policy and raising environmental awareness.
Yuri Horowitz PhotographyYuri Horowitz Photography
Photography website and shopping gallery featuring the work of Yuri Horowitz, a tourism consultant and travel photographer who aims to challenge preconceived notions or stereotypes about people, their way-of-life and the places they live.
J2L EventsJ2L Events
Formed in 2009 the J2L team has organised and supported 80+ expos, tradeshows, conferences and summits, with an emphasis on travel, energy and waste management.
That Great Little SpotThat Great Little Spot
Blog documenting the discoveries of Sarita Dan, travel photographer and graduate student at New York University.
Destination EarthDestination Earth
Tour Operator founded by two avid world travellers with a passion for creating true connection with the people they encountered. By giving back during our adventures in the Americas and South East Asia, we have found that both the travellers and the people we are visiting reap rewards that far exceed either parties expectations.
Laetitia de FreslonLaetitia de Freslon Online Portfolio
Services offered by freelance ecotourism consultant Laetitia de Freslon in the fields of Photography, Design, Marketing, Communications and Management, Interpretation and French-English Translation.
Genius LociGenius Loci
Tour development and management business, based in North Beach, San Francisco specialising in local cultural history tours, often on foot, public and private, for small groups in English or Spanish. They also offer program research and design, travel management, and guide services, in the greater Bay Area and internationally.
Rooted In HopeRooted In Hope
A 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation working globally to promote awareness and create sustainable solutions to the world's social and environmental challenges. Since its inception, the majority of Rooted In Hope's programs have been located in Kenya's Aberdare forest and its surrounding communities. To-date, Rooted In Hope has planted over 100,000 trees.
Yellow HibiscusYellow Hibiscus Tourism Consulting
California and Hawaii-based tourism consultancy led by Lisa Shipley offering a wide range of services including business analysis, target marketing and public relations.
Big Pine ConsultingBig Pine Consulting
Offer Ecotourism and Outdoor Recreation consultancy and transport services on 24' lobster yacht serving all of Maine. Led by Steve Spencer, a conservation, outdoor recreation and tourism professional with more than 30 years of experience in Maine, Alaska and Nicaragua.
Pure Built Inc.Pure Built Inc.
Colorado-based Residential construction company specialising in green building. With over 20 years of experience with Scribe-Fit Log homes, Timber frame structures, ICF's, Straw bale, SIPS, and Advanced "Smart" Framing practices.
Consultancy that creates environmental awareness and conservation through education, government activity toward a sustainable future, and the creation of eco-friendly business leaders.
Julia GuerraJulia Guerra's Blog
Travelog by an adventurer, wanderer, and a former backpacker turned sustainable traveller. Passionate about creating a sustainable future through travel, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, recreation, and conservation.
The Eco-Infinity GroupThe Eco-Infinity Group
Offer green solutions for your next event or lodging needs with an "off the grid" selection of modern temporary structures and environmentally friendly services in the Monterey Bay area. With over 20 years of experience, the Eco-Infinity team is comprised of Designers, PR Specialists, Event Planners, Tourism Operators, and Production Managers.

Central Valley - Motherlode Retail Hopitality TourismCentral Valley - Motherlode Retail Hopitality Tourism
An initiative of the California Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program, the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Initiative is dedicated to serving California’s retail, hospitality, and tourism companies with innovative business solutions.

Design Ecology Santa Fe
An Ecologically Rooted Landscape Design and Planning Studio located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It focuses on the design and development of aesthetically beautiful landscapes that are both productive and regenerative.

K8G PhotographyK8G Photography
Individual photography services by travel photographer Katie Gaston.Travel portraits, lifetime portraits, event coverage and business sessions.

Florida SEEFlorida Society for Ethical Ecotourism
Non-profit educational organisation dedicated to maintaining a professional code of ecotourism ethics in order to encourage an awareness and stewardship of Florida's natural and cultural heritage, compliance with environmental and safety legislation. Operates a certification program for ecotour providers.

Communications for Lifestyle Brands

Vahana Yoga & Eco-ToursVahana Yoga & Eco-Tours
Yoga classes, events and eco-retreats run by Astrid Jirka, a Certified, Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor and International Sustainability Educator, based in Ithaca, New York. She has served in many roles with the aim of teaching people about personal health and promoting the well-being of communities through the lens of yoga.

Miri Gubler PortfolioMiri Gubler Portfolio
Writing and Photography by Miri Gubler, a Sustainable Tourism senior at the University of Utah.

Ecotourism Network BlogEcotourism Network
Blog focusing on community tourism in Africa and Central America.

Wildlife TodayWildlife Today
A conservation-minded site that focuses on educating through social media activities and helping bring forth the plight of animals and their habitats.

Founded by Terry Lawson Dunn, a biologist and environmental educator, the mission of EcoTripMatch is to support the promise of ecotourism by matching travellers with ecotourism providers.

Olivia PedersenOlivia Pedersen
Website showcasing the work of Olivia Pedersen, a Graphic Designer based in Portland, Oregon. Expressing initiatives through a creative lens to make ideas digestible is her pursuit as a creative.

Coastal Ecotourism InternationalCoastal Ecotourism International
A global network of entrepreneurs, consultants, and scholars developing coastal ecotourism projects that promote the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Trekking with TrevorTrekking with Trevor
Blog by Trevor LaClair, a wildlife conservationist and environmental educator, created "to encourage people to fall in love with wildlife and the great outdoors". Includes wildlife and adventure tourism videos from expeditions in U.S. wilderness areas.

Green Concierge TravelGreen Concierge Travel
Launched by Liz Wessel, a designated rail travel expert, in 2006, Green Concierge Travel works with you to craft a green tourism itinerary that captures your sense of romance and adventure, and includes romantic inns, walking and paddling tours, museums and local restaurants, from Alaska to the Caribbean and Europe.

Sienna Pickard's ePortfolioSienna Pickard's ePortfolio
Blog by Sienna Pickard a student at the University of Utah, earning a degree in sustainable tourism management and hospitality. An outdoor enthusiast, big mountain snowboarder and a professional PADI scuba Divemaster, who loves adventure and travel.

American Tour Guide AssociationAmerican Tour Guide Association (ATGA)
ATGA offer travel services within the United States. Membership is open to qualified tour directors and guides that pass the ATGA certification course in Washington DC or New York City. The custom itineraries are designed and planned by professional guides for educational, leisure and business travellers seeking memorable activities in their journey.

Green tourism directory which provides ecotourism information, search and reservation capabilities with no hidden fees. Greenloons has established contracts with eco-certified guiding companies and sustainable tourism accommodation owners all over the world. Browse through their Green Vacation Collection and contact them with any eco-vacation questions, customisation needs or group requests.

Global Tourism ConsultantsGlobal Tourism Consultants
Founded in 1999, by experienced tourism executives Christine Braganza and Jelte Bakker, with the aim of providing emerging destinations with marketing and promotion expertise. Services to Communities, NGOs and Destinations include feasibility studies, business plans, capacity building, training plans, marketing plans and research, product development and improvement.

Note to TrashNote to Trash
Informative, green-living blog by Alli Del Gizzi, biologist, conservationist and proponent of the Zero Waste philosophy and movement. The blog documents the steps Alli takes, the order she takes them, and the money she spends to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle.

Tourism Impact ServicesTourism Impact Services
As an industry-leading strategist and program innovator, Bobby Chappell has witnessed the impact of well planned and executed sustainable development projects for businesses and destinations of all sizes. TIS offers a variety of advisory services from strategic planning to coaching for private, public, and NGO partners.
ECOCLUB Interviews
Epler WoodMs Megan Epler Wood
Founder, The International Ecotourism Society
Principal, Epler Wood International
Brian TokarMr Brian Tokar
Institute for Social Ecology
Martha HoneyDr Martha Honey
Center on Ecotourism & Sustainable Development
Costas ChristMr Costas Christ
Judging Chairman,
Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, USA
Kelly BrickerProf. Kelly Bricker
Chair & Executive Director,
The International Ecotourism Society
Brian MullisMr Brian Mullis
Co-founder & President,
Sustainable Travel International
Kreg LindbergProf. Kreg Lindberg
Professor in Ecotourism,
Oregon State University
Jeremy GarettMr. Jeremy Garrett
NaTour Communications
Michael RomanosProf. Michael Romanos
Professor of Planning and Economic Development,
University of Cincinnati
Todd BarberMr. Todd Barber
Reef Ball Foundation
Andrew NystromMr. Andrew Dean Nystrom
Guidebook writer
David SollittMr. David Sollitt
Fmr Director,
The International Ecotourism Society
Richard GreemanDr Richard Greeman
Academic, writer and political activist.
 Brian BenderMr Brian Bender
Author, "Farming around the Country: An Organic Odyssey"
Kevin CarsonMr Kevin Karson
Philosopher & Author of "Studies in Mutualist Political Economy"
Ron MaderMr Ron Mader
Founder & Host of