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IdeiaIdeia Tours
A full-service destination management company, founded in 1994, with broad experience & understanding of Brazil's growing travel market and foreign visitor requirements.
Sempre VerdeSempre Verde Ecolodge
Enjoy the Brazilian countryside and help preserve nature. In a pleasantly cooler climate, at 800 metres, 97 km from tropical Recife, experience horse trekking, the atlantic rainforest, visit farms, ecological & social projects, volunteer and much more.
Coastal EcoVenturesCoastal EcoVentures
A consulting group providing services for real estate and tourism projects that incorporate sustainable design principles or support land conservation, specialising in Central and South America and the Asia-Pacific region. Current projects include Peninsula de Marau, Brazil and Playa Viva, Mexico. Interviews:

Ariane JanerAriane Janer
Brazil Sustainable Tourism Program