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Name of Property (Country): "Mandore Guest House" (India)


Lodge Address: Dadawari Lane, Near Mandore Garden, Mandore Jodhpur 342006, India

Number of Rooms:

16  (Sixteen).

Minimum & Maximum Double Room Rates:

INR 1550 (minimum) to  INR 1850 (maximum)

Name of Applicant (Occupation & Role in relation to property):

Surendra Gehlot (Owner)
Year of Construction  1989-1990
Date of first operation: 18th July 1992

Rated on:

21 May 2012
1. POLITICAL CRITERIA:  Rating:  3 out of 5
1a. Who is/are the legal owner(s) of the Lodge? (please state official name if owned by a company)

Mr Surendra Gehlot.

1b. Who is/are the legal manager(s) of the Lodge?

Mr Prateek Gehlot.

1c. Since when has the facility been under the current ownership & management?

Surendra, being the founder of this accommodation, is involved with its management since the very beggining. Mr Prateek Gehlot is working in the capacity of Manager since July 2007.

1d. If owned by a family, since when has the family been residing in the area, and for how many months each year?

Since birth. The family has been residing over 100 years in the area.


Photo 1d: The property is owned & operated by a family. The guests have plenty of opportunity to see and understand our local culture in an authentic way. The guests can also opt to learn some Indian cooking with help of our female family members.

1e. How are decisions taken and by whom? (Please provide details)

By the head of the family Mr Surendra Gehlot.

1f. Who has access to the Lodge's facilities and its land and for what uses?

Surendra Gehlot and family members.

1g. Who took the initiative to build this Lodge?

Surendra & Raj Gehlot

1h. Which is the nearest local community (village or town) and how far is it from the lodge (in Km)?

Mandore, an ancient capital of Marwar, which is situated at the edge of Jodhpur city. The guest house is situated at two minutes by walk from Mandore Garden.


Photo 1h1: In the Mandore garden, there are the dewals or cenotaphs of Jodhpur's former rulers. Instead of the usual chhatri-shaped cenotaphs typical of Rajasthan, the cenotaphs are built along the lines of a Hindu temple. They are four stories high, with fine columns and an elegant spire, all in red sandstone. The most impressive dewal is the dewal of Maharaja Ajit Singh. These cenotaphs are set in beautiful landscaped gardens. The cenotaphs of the Maharani are set on a rocky outcrop over the hill. 


Photo 1h2: The hall is dedicated to various deities and Rajput folk heroes. The statues of the deities and heroes we are carved out of rock and painted in bright colors. Also in this garden of Jodhpur, is "The Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods" with its old palace.

1i. Did the (nearest) local community participate in the decision-making process concerning the founding and creation of this Lodge and how?

The muddy cottages were built with locally available materials by skilled and semi-skilled persons from the local village community. 


Photo 1i: The traditional thatched structure is an authentic Eco hut built by local people from the nearby rural community. The local population make their own houses in a similar way. The grass and other material is grown by them during the monsoon season. These huts are cooler inside in summer due to the thick walls of mud and the thick layer of grass on the top. It helps to save artificial cooling through fan / cooler etc. and thus to save some electric energy.

j. Does the (nearest) local community participate in the running of the lodge and how?

All of our team members are from the local community. The required vegetables, milk, and all necessary goods required are being purchased through the host community thus improving the local economy. We arrange many developmental programs in a joint venture with local villagers and volunteers.

1l. Anything else you would like to mention in this section?

Lots of employment is generated for electrician, plumber, gardener, carpenter, painter, house builders etc. As regularly we need the services to run & renovate the property. 

2. ECONOMIC CRITERIA -  Rating:  4 out of 5

2a. Number of rooms:

16 (Sixteen)

2b. Number of beds:

32 (Thirty two)

2c. What is the total area of the land of the property?

25,000 Square Metres

2d. What is the total covered area of the Lodge including rooms and common areas (in sq. metres)?

11,000 Square Metres.

2e. What is the total building footprint (in sq. metres) – i.e. part of the land covered by buildings

8500 sq. meters. This is covered area by rooms with on suite bathroom,, kitchen & restaurant with comfortable sitting area outside the rooms where guests can lounge and enjoy snacks and beverages.

2f. How many employees are there (excluding yourself and members of the family)?

total: 11 (eleven)

of which:

full-time: 11
part-time: 0
interns: 0
volunteers: number varies*

*Volunteers are working with our Rajasthan Village Project, period of stay depends on individual choice.

2g. How many employees are from the (nearest) local village?

All (11)

2h. If applicable, do employees or the community own any shares or share part of the revenue?


2i. What was the total turnover (total sales) in 2011? (please state in your local currency)

INR 1,800,000

2j. What were the total profits in 2011?

INR 306,000

2k. How are profits distributed, and who decides about it?

It is run by family members. Part of profit is used development and additional day to day facility & some part of profit is also used to run and support our NGO activities for rural developmental projects.

2l. Are there any national and local taxes to be paid or are you exempt?

Applicable taxes are paid to the Government.

2m. What was the total amount of taxes paid in 2011?

INR 100,000.

2n. What percentage of consumables are locally sourced, how many are nationally sourced, and how many are imported?

Nothing is imported and consumables of all nature necessary to run the place are sourced through local community.

2o. Do you cultivate food for the guests?

Some green vegetable and fresh lemons.


Photo 2o. The photo illustrates the traditional Eco huts with a roof thatched with local grass. The tree visible in front of the traditional huts is one of the most gregarious of fruit trees, the "guava" & smaller one is fresh "lemon" with lush green lawns.

2p. Do you have any agreements with local producers?


2q. Have ever you received any funding, state, national, private or international and for what purposes?



Photo 2q: We received many groups of Gap Year & Career Gap through Venture Co worldwide a U.K. based trust to work with Rajasthan Village Project to benefit rural development and with a great focus on improving infrastructure/facilities of rural primary schools around Mandore.

2r. What is the minimum (low season) double room rate (including breakfast) per room per night?

INR 1550

2s. What is the maximum (high season) double room rate (including breakfast) per room per night?

INR 1850

2t. Are you planning to sell the property within the foreseeable future, and if so why?


2u. Anything else you would like to mention in this section?

The funds to run community based developmental projects are generated through our tourism activities and part of the profits are used to sustain our wide range of community development programs. The volunteers also stay with at Mandore Guest House during volunteering. The volunteers can opt to learn cooking, gardening, culture and national language Hindi. Photos with brief descriptions attached.


Photo 2u1: The photo speaks about the School Health program being organised by us at various intervals in different schools for general medical check-up of height, Eye test, weight and other health issues with the help of volunteers and doctors.


Photo 2u2: We also organise medical camps to take care of local community.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL CRITERIA -  Rating:  3 out of 5

3a. Lodge Siting (how was the lodge location chosen):

Parental land adjoining the historical Mandore Garden.

3b. Policy followed during construction:

Locally available material, manpower and environmental friendly place.

3c. Policy followed during renovation and/or maintenance:

Eco-friendly way. We take great care to avoid negative impact on environment & work carefully without damaging the existing plants/trees.

3d. Lighting:

Plenty of sunlight due to a large open green campus & using zero watt bulbs for lightening during evening.

3e. Heating:

Electric / solar heater (both) as alternate resource.

3f. Cooling:

The place is very green and full of trees but we also provide some room coolers/air conditioner.

3g. Cleaning:

It is a regular and every day activity. This is our first priority that interior / exterior of room & place should be very clean.

3h. Water Management:

Overhead tank with own water resource through tube well.

3i. Cooking:

LPG cylinder provided by government authority.

3j. Waste management (in detail please):

We focus on the collection, transport, disposal of solid waste & waste water, managing garbage to reduce their effect on health, the environment. The management of wastes treats all materials to reduce the harmful environmental impacts of each through different methods. Awareness & education among community & schools children is also a regular activity during volunteer work. Plastic bottles, use & through cup & glasses and plastic carrying bags are also sent to recycling process.

3k. Insect, pest control:

Using leaves of Neem trees and also some other methods available. Pull the plant and dispose of it away from the garden area. Natural composting methods, mulching and top-dressing your soil with compost or natural fertilizer apart from wide range of flowering plant along with proper Sanitary standards.

3l. Energy Sources, Use & Saving Measures:

We adopt the best possible practices to minimise the use of natural resources to have positive impact.

3m. Noise Protection:

The location is quiet and popular as peaceful place as well as plenty greenery of various trees and flowering plant which also allows variety of birds to nest in our place.

3n. Name, population and distance of nearest settlement (in km or miles)?

Village community around the place dominated by ecological and other farming casts of India. Mandore Village - community around the place dominated by fruit and vegetable farming people, Bishnoi's (Ecological) community villagers are scattered around 3 -4 kms distance in village based on farming / agriculture business keeping herds of cows, buffalos , sheep's & goats & camels.

3o. Is the Lodge accessible by public transport (such as bus, train, boat)? If yes, please provide instructions from nearest settlement:

Local city buses are frequently available after every two minutes running between Mandore & centre of Jodhpur city. This also allows the guests to have an authentic experience of travel in local buses. The cars & auto rickshaws are arranged on demand.

3p. Is the nearest settlement accessible by public transport (such as bus, train, boat)? If yes, please provide instructions from nearest International airport, or nearest major city.

Bus & / Cars / Rickshaws - Airport is 9Kms, Railway station is 9 Kms and Govt. Bus Stand is 7 kms.

3q. Distance from nearby village / city:

7 Kms from the centre of the city of Jodhpur.

3r. Architectural Features:

Eco friendly heritage.

3s. Construction Materials:

Sandstones, mud and grass.

3t. Landscape Management:



Photo 3t: This photo speaks enough about the natural beauty enriched with varity of plants and trees with delightful garden. This makes our guest to have a authentic feeling of environmental friendly and peaceful Oasis as often written in reviews with trip-advisory.

3u: Do you organise or promote tours involving hunting or sport-fishing?


3v: Do you measure consumption per guest at your lodge? If yes, please explain how, and provide data


3w. Anything else you would like to mention in this section?

We hang slogans to save natural resources available.


Photo 3w1: We organize awareness towards plantation to make the earth green. Volunteers use cycles to reach the village project which helps minimise the use of fuel and thus smoke. It also allows them to see culture and people with a close eye. At the same time the volunteers put slogans to protect nature and promote plantation and some programs of awareness against drug abuse etc.


Photo 3w2: (community & children). - The participation of school children and local villagers make the campaign of plantation more successful as we motivate them to take every day care of the plant such as watering etc. In many case we give a name of one boy to one particular plant it is adoption like a baby.


Photo 3w3: This is one the photos of guests who wanted to make an excursion to explore the life of the rural village community living around Mandore Guest House. We proposed them to ride cycles to visit the villages and stop at the villages to get a closer look and contact with the local people in the rural villages to understand their way of life.This is both an environmentally friendly excursion and a great adventure.


4. SOCIAL CRITERIA -  Rating:  5 out of 5

4a. Do you provide health insurance and pension to your employees?

We take medical care as this is our one of the missions.

4b. Are your employees entitled to paid leave? If so, how many days each year?

As per need.

4c. Are your employees entitled to maternity leave? How many months? Is it paid?


4d. Do you pay your employees above the minimum wage? (Please state minimum wage, and explain)

As per govt. norms @ Rs. 125 per day and all facilities.

4e. What is the total you paid for wages last year? (excluding wages paid to yourself and members of your family)

INR 500,000

4f. What is the average wage (per annum), the highest wage, and the lowest wage?

Highest: INR 75,000 Lowest: INR 45,000

4g. Average and maximum working day, and work hours per week: 

The supporting staff work for 6 days a week and average working hours are eight. Every employee gets holidays accordingly.

4h. Do you employ your staff all year round? (If not, please explain arrangement)


4i. Do you employ immigrants? Are they offered the same remuneration & benefits?

No. We always provide employment to benefit the local people.

4j. Do you employ trainees? Please explain what type of tasks they perform, how much they are paid, how many hours do they work and how do you source them?

The boys and girls learning tourism come on practical training to get practical ideas. In Jodhpur the Institute of Hotel Management & Master of Tourism Administration courses are run by College. Field trainings being a part of their syllabus the students come to get practical training at Mandore Guest House. We do not need to pay them as this being a part of their study. The length of such programs varies according the level of traing.

4k. Do you use volunteers? Please explain what tasks they are given?

Volunteers work in our garden to take care of plants and flowers and also to develop plant in begs for next plantation programs.(a small nursery).

4l. Do you offer concessions to elderly visitors, students, young visitors, or nationals?

We provide special concessions to all students.

4m. Is there infrastructure for people with special needs at your Lodge?

We have constructed some rooms on ground level without any steps, while some of the rooms have just two to three steps to get in rooms. Thus the accommodation is disabled & old aged people friendly.

4n. What measures are in place to protect the local (or the indigenous) population from some adverse impacts of tourism?

We arrange lot of training / awareness programs for preserving local culture and respect among people.

4o. Do you undertake any poverty reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to poverty reduction?

Our wide range of volunteer programs are to support the less fortunate / underprivileged community.

Related programs and photos are attached below:


Photos 4o1 (above) & 4o2 (below): The two photos are about support to housewives of village community specially Women Health support to environment:by Improved or modified fire place for cooking to facilitate the village women (House-wife)- "The smoke emanated is released through the chimney pipe of modified stove(kitchen) and that keeps the inner atmosphere clean and the eyes & lungs of house-wife & family members are safe against smoke." The stoves need less fuel and heat generated is used in a optimum way thus to save trees/forest.


Photo 4o2


Photo 4o3: The volunteers prepare benches and desks for children to allow them to sit properly. All operation are done by the volunteers to give them an experience of involvement in each task such as painting, drilling, sawing and bolting. We employ local carpenter to provide skilled support and thus to generate employment for the local community etc.


Photo 4o4: Volunteers teach English in primary schools, support or help for teachers in teaching methods, helping with improving pupil's communication skills, drawing-painting, music, dancing with students, making sure of regular attendance of children through motivating their families by visiting regularly, creating a more child-friendly environment in the schools through decorating/painting them.

4p. Do you undertake any inequality reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to inequality reduction?

We are working in various villages through our registered organization which is secular & Non for Profit. We work in Schools where children from all cast & religious back ground are studying in the same school.

4q. Do you undertake any injustice reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to injustice reduction?

We prefer to help to needy and economical backwards people during placement and also while selecting a village to development. The criteria are always need based.

4r. What is the minimum, maximum and average age of your current employees (excluding yourself and members of the family)?

Mostly between 22 – 35 years. Presently 03 employees are 20 years old, 02 are 22 years, 04 27 years & 02 employees 30 years old.

4s. How many employees do you have (excluding yourself and members of the family)?

11 (eleven)

4t. Is everyone accepted as guests or are there any restrictions?

As the property is owned & operated by family so guests receive traditional welcome and homely touch during their stay.

4u. Anything else you would like to mention in this section?

Mandore Guest House is recommended for volunteer programs published in the list of voluntary organizations of India in Lonely Planet. In fact I am also involved with grassroots programs from 1989 to till today for the benefit of local community through practices of sustainable developments in various sectors.

5. CULTURAL CRITERIA-  Rating:  4 out of 5

5a. Are you located within a village or city, or is there a village or city nearby? (please state name and distance in km or miles)

Mandore was earlier in rural area but now due to expansion it is within limits of Jodhpur city but still at the edge of town so it more peaceful & green.

5b. Do guests interact with the local community and how:

This is one of the charms of staying with us. This is surrounded by local community & run by a family too. We are also known for arranging special trips and programs to make authentic exchange.


Photo 5b: The photo speaks about the traditional way of warm wel-come to guests specially on important occasion. Here the is the volunteers who will be working with community for 3 week period on various developmental programs including. So on the the first day arrival they are received with great warmth.


Photo 5b2: The volunteers who will start work with school rural/village school project have just entered in the school and sitting together with locals and children. This is the time of exchange of lots of information about host and guests including some basic information about the programs etc. This is an authentic way of exchange and it continues for 3 / 4 week period.

5c. What type of information is available to guests at the property:

Places of interest, all sightseeing places, wildlife, culture exploration and volunteer programs with transport and travel related services.

5d. What type of activities are available to guests at the property:

Large lawns to relax under trees with some indoor games & swings. We have also 3 very friendly pets.

5e. Local guided tours for guests organised by you:

Wide range of excursions are proposed to our guests through our Guest House & travel company " Poly Travels" – recommended as Useful Address of Jodhpur by French Guide Book "Le guide du routard" since 1990 to till today. We arrange a Jeep / cycle drive - A true insight into the Villages Bishnoi's for making connections with people from different cultures, in an authentic way. Meet them in their homes and talk to them. The vegetarian community the best friend and protector of the flora and fauna.


Photo 5e: While arranging a tour to explore villages the guests have the authentic opprtunity to meet the village woman and would like to exchange some questions with our help and would also like to learn about their every day life specially water management and carrying water for drinking etc.Such visit help them to not only see but to understand the culture in a respectful way.

5f. Events / presentations held at the facility so far:

"The activities are also recommended as local activities for travellers during their stay at Jodhpur apart from travel guide books."

5g. Specific programme for children:

Enough open green campus, swings & indoor games.

5h. Academic Research and Academic Publications produced or assisted by the property so far:


5i. Is the local community at all involved in the operation of the Lodge and how?

Developmental programs in a joint venture of local & volunteers for economical benefits.


Photo 5i: While working most of the time the volunteers are at working places such as school campus but we also manage special programs to visit their homes to know more about the every day life, costumes specially colorful costume of house wife. Some time the guests are proposed to have an experience of their traditional clothes and jewellery. This is a great moment for all.

5j. Anything else you would like to mention in this section?

Videos relating to our Volunteer projects can be found here

Mandore Guest House has been included in the French Guide 'Le Guide Du Routard" since 1990.

A recent (May 5, 2012) article in the Times of India (Jodhpur Plus) on the founder of Mandore Guest House can be found below:


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