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Name of Property (Country): "Wilson Hostel Warszawa" (Poland)


Satellite Map:

Longitude / Latitude:
52°15'56'' N 20°59'08.5'' E
Lodge Address: Wilson Hostel Warszawa, Felinskiego 37, 01-569 Warszawa, Poland

Number of Rooms:

 7 (Seven)

Average Double Room Rates:

approx EUR 50  / USD 65

Name of Applicant (Title & Role):

Kasia Makosa & Konrad Makosa (Owners)

Official, Legal Proprietor(s):

Entropia Konrad Mąkosa, ul. Płatnicza 65, 01-832 Warszawa, Poland
Operating Since: 8 October 2009

Rating Date:

28 April 2010
1. OWNERSHIP - 4 out of 5

(1.a) Who owns the Lodge? Please clarify if private, family, public, municipal, NGO, cooperative, as well as the nationality and place of birth of the owner.

It’s a private investment, based on Kasia & Konrad cooperation (siblings), both were born and reside in Warszawa, Poland.

(1.b) Who manages the Lodge (if different)?

The owners.

1b. Kasia & Konrad cooperation (siblings), both were born and reside in Warszawa, Poland.

(1.c) How many rooms are there?

 7 (Seven)

(1.d) How many beds are there?

42 (fourty two)

(1.e) How many employees are there?

One part time employee + the owners.

(1.f) How many employees are from the same village / city?

All three.

(1.g) If applicable, do employees or the community own any shares or share part of the revenue?

Yes, our part time employee does.

(1.h) What is the total area of the land?

300 m2

(1.i) What is the total covered area of the Lodge including rooms and common areas (in sq. metres)?

500 m2

1i. 500 m2 is the total covered area of the Lodge including rooms and common areas.

(1.j) What is the total building footprint (in sq. metres) – i.e. part of the land covered by buildings

150 m2

(1.k) Who has access to the Lodge’s facilities and its land and for what uses?

All our guests have access to the local facilities

(1.l) What was the total turnover (total sales) of your last year of operation?

PLN 10,000 (approx. EUR 2,500)

2. ENVIRONMENT - 4 out of 5

(2.a) Lodge Sitting (how was location chosen):

It is a private inherited property.

(2.b) Policy followed during construction:

built in 1930.

(2.c) Lighting:

only eco-friendly and energy-saving LED bulbs.

(2.d) Heating:

Vitosol 200-T solar panels and gas fired condensing boiler Vitodens 200-W.

2d. Instalation of Vitosol 200-T solar panels

(2.e) Cooling:

air condition on demand.

(2.f) Cleaning:

only eco certified household chemicals.

(2.g) Water Management:

only water-saving hydraulic equipment.

(2.h) Cooking:

breakfasts only - based on local eco products.

(2.i) Waste management:

restrictive segregation trashes (communal, plastics, glass, paper)

(2.j) Insect, pest control:

not applicable

(2.k) Energy Sources, Use & Saving Measures:

Vitosol 200-T solar panels, urban electrical network, urban gas network, urban water/canalization network

(2.l) Noise Protection:

Green wall in the lounge, other places do not need because of the location in a silent and green district.

2l. Green wall in the lounge.

(2.m) Accessible by public transport? If yes, please provide instructions from nearby city.

Yes, city center is quickly and easily accessible (5 stops by underground, 10 minutes by bus / car).

(2.n) What is the recommended way of reaching your Lodge from the nearest International airport?

By local transport (40 minutes by bus).

(2.o) Distance from nearby village / city:

5 stops by underground, 10 minutes by bus / car.

(2.p) Architectural Features:

Modern architecture.

(2.q) Construction Materials:

Brick, the ceiling is constructed with steel.

(2.r) Landscape Management:

Green surroundings, a number of trees, parks.

3. ECONOMIC - 3.5 out of 5

(3.a) Initiation or participation in local projects:

We take part in some local undertakings dedicated to Warsaw sightseeing e.g. strategy games. We also support Warsaw travellers and backpackers who organize some events in our hostel.

3a. Participation in local project (strategy games) for

(3.b) Contact, cooperation with local organisations:

Zoliborscy Internauci
Klub Podroznik
Dobra Karma

3b. Cooperation with local organisations Zoliborscy Internauci  -

(3.c) Direct Donations:

not applicable.

(3.d) Who took the initiative to build this Lodge?

Konrad Makosa, the owner – he spent many years travelling and it was his great will to create such a social place like a hostel based on some ecological backgrounds and philosophy.

(3.e) Did the local community participate in the decision-making process concerning the founding and creation of this Lodge?

Yes, because there is still a great need: in Warsaw to have a hostel (low competition in this sector) and in Poland to support eco awareness and education. Our local communities’ activities forced our belief such a place is a great business choice.

(3.f) How are profits distributed, and who decides about it?

All the profits are distributed for the hostel facilities, eco support and the owners are to decide about it. It depends on the current needs.

(3.g) Are there any national and local taxes to be paid or are you exempt?

Yes, there are. 19% income tax and 7% VAT.

(3.h) What percentage of consumables are locally sourced, how many are nationally sourced, and how many are imported?

70% - nationally, 20% locally and 10% are imported.

(3.i) Do you cultivate food for the guests?

Currently breakfasts only.

(3.j) Do you have any agreements with local producers?

Not yet. We’re just preparing some agreements.

(3.k) Have ever you received any funding, state, national, private or international and for what purposes?

Not yet, we’re just preparing to take part in some auctions.

(3.l) What is the average double room rate (excluding breakfast) per room per night?

PLN 200 for private room (approx. EUR 50), PLN 69 for bed in dormitory, PLN 30 in weekdays for sleeping capsule.

4. SOCIAL - 3 out of 5

(4.a) Do your employees have health insurance?

Yes, it’s regulated by our national law.

(4.b) Do your employees have paid leave?

Yes, it’s regulated by our national law.

(4.c) Are your employees entitled to maternity leave?

Probably yes, but such a situation has not happened yet.

(4.d) Do you pay your employees above the minimum wage? (Please state minimum wage, and explain):

The minimum wage regulated by law is PLN 1,317 . Our employee is paid above. But because this amount depends on our turnover it’s usually much more above the average.

(4.e) What is the total paid for wages last year? (excluding wages paid to yourself and members of your family)

It’s not yet well measurable because we’ve launched on October, 2009. But it is approximately 20% of our net income.

(4.f) Average and maximum working day, and work hours per week:

Average 35 hrs/week, Maximum 45 hrs/week.

(4.g) Do you employ your staff all year round?  (If not, please explain arrangement)

It’s not measurable yet (it’s our 5th month on the market) but our forecast says there will be definitely a need to employ our employee the whole year.

(4.h) Do you employ immigrants? Are they offered the same remuneration & benefits?

Not yet but we are open to do so.

(4.i) Do you employ trainees? Please explain what type of tasks they perform, how much they are paid, and how many hours do they work and how do you source them?

Not yet but we are open to do so.

(4.j) Do you use volunteers? Please explain what tasks they are given?

Yes we do. There are some students from other cities who visit Warsaw University and they cannot afford to pay for a stay at out Hostel. We’ve decided to treat them as volunteers and they can sleep here for free just because they support us with the house work, cleaning etc.

(4.k) Do you offer concessions to elderly visitors?

Yes, we help elderly visitors to organize sightseeing, transport etc.

(4.l) Is there disabled access at your Lodge?

Yes there is.

4l.Building of disabled access to our hostel, driveway.

(4.m) What measures are in place to protect the local (or the indigenous) population from some adverse impacts of tourism?

We’ve created a calm & undisturbed place in line with our local population and the closest neigbourhood. On the contrary: we didn’t have to protect our local population from our hostel activities but we also support eco awareness among them e.g. waste segregation we’ve launched encouraged our local population to do the same.

(4.n) Do you undertake any poverty reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to poverty reduction?

As mentioned before we support indigent students (accommodation for free = help in cleaning).

(4.o) Do you undertake any inequality reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to inequality reduction?

We support any inequality reduction initiatives but we are too small community to work with such a problem.

(4.p) Do you undertake any injustice reduction initiatives or does your operation contribute to injustice reduction?

The owners work as volunteers (teacher for polish as a foreign language) for a local humanitarian agency who support refugees/emigrants. We also organize financial aid for an orphanage.

(4.q) What is the minimum, average and maximum age of your employees?

30 (1 employee)

(4.r) How many employees do you have (excluding yourself and members of the family)?

1 (one)

4r. Our personnel


5. CULTURAL- 3 out of 5


(5.a) Is there a local community / e.g. a nearby village?

Yes, located within the city.


(5.b) Do guests interact with the local community and how?

Yes, they do. They are usually interested in local art/social/urban activities e.g. ethnic or folk communities and we support them to contact the communities they are interested in. We also support local kindergarten who organize ecologic and plastic/ creative workshops for kids in our hostel.

5b.Our guest interact with the local community, here they meet Zoliborscy Internauci.

(5.c) What type of information is available to guests at the property:

tourists and transport info / cultural facilities / restaurant and clubs

(5.d) What type of activities are available to guests at the property:

Depends on our guests – we’re flexible to organize expected activities (e.g. there are some tourist guides who support Wilson Hostel)

(5.e) Local guided tours for guests:

Museums / galleries / Old town / New town / historic monuments / clubs

(5.f) Events / presentations held at the facility so far:

young photograper exhibition, young painter exhibition

5f. TV news with us produced on the roof of our hostel.

(5.g) Specific programme for children:

On specific requests.

(5.h) Academic Research and Academic Publications produced / assisted by the property so far:


(5.i) Is the local community at all involved in the operation of the Lodge and how?

One of them is local district surfers who administrate a blog dedicated to the local initiatives.


(B.a). Please send links of up to 5 videos from your Lodge backing one or more of your answers, along with a brief description of what each video shows.
Grand Opening , reception desk, staircase and capsule room

Wilson Hostel in the news - Teleexpress program on TVP1 (Polish national TV),tokio_hostel_przy_wilsoniaku,bawsie.html
TVN Television program about our Hostel,34889,7125695,Wyspij_sie_jak_japonski_yuppie.html
Video news about Wilson Hostel on the local news website.
Television program broadcast straight from the roof of our Hostel, where the solar panels are installed.

(B.b). Please state any green certificates won by the property and provide scanned photos of these.


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Your Name:  Konrad Makosa Date: 2 February 2010 Rating:

11105-sun 3.5 out of 5