Ecotourism Directory Listing - Application Form

RecommendedDo you own eco-friendly accommodation or operate a local ecotour? Let the world know with an Ecoclub Ecotourism Directory Listing! - Example

We offer FREE listings to entities owned by our Members, that meet our Ecotourism Criteria.

The Four Ecoclub Ecotourism Criteria are: 
1. Minimise your Environmental Impact.
2. Respect Human Rights, Labour Rights and Animal Rights
3. Meet Real Local Needs and Reduce Poverty & Inequality. 
4. Increase Knowledge & Intercultural Understanding.
The minimum requirements depend on the listing category and are as follows: 

A. Accommodations that meet criterion 1 and at least one more criterion.

B. Tours that meet criterion 1 and at least one more criterion.

C. Ecotourism-related Associations & Conservation NGOs

D. Local Attractions that meet Criterion 1 and one more criterion.

E. Ecotourism-related Business Services.

Ecotourism Directory Listing Benefits:
(1). Listing in one country and one category
(2). A link to your own website (or to a social media page if there is no website)
(3). A screenshot type image of your website (600 x 450 pixels)
(4). A title (describing your services-usually your brand name) of up to 5 words
(5). A description of your property, tours or services of up to 200 words - this is to be provided by you and edited by us
(6). Full contact details such as address, phone number, fax, Skype (according to your preferences)
(7). Optional: Links to your social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc) 
(8). Up to 10 photos (600 x 450 pixels each)
(9). Up to 10 videos. If already online, we will provide links to online video hosting service (for example YouTube or Vimeo) so that they will appear embedded in your Ecotourism Directory listing. Alternatively, the videos will be uploaded on our YouTube account, and we will link and embed them from there
(10). Ecolabels Tab (Optional): A tab presenting any ecolabels or certifications your accommodation, tour or company has obtained.
(11). Booking Tab (Optional): A tab containing a link to a booking form on your website or to on an online booking service (e.g.
(12). Member Benefits Tab (Optional): A tab containing information on a special benefit you may wish to offer to Ecoclub Members
(13). Eco Features Tab: A tab explaining in what key ways you meet our Ecotourism Criteria
(14). Logo: You will also receive an "Ecoclub Recommended" Logo for use on your website and literature. This logo should be displayed in a prominent manner on your website and linked to your Ecoclub Directory Listing for verification purposes.

Procedure: Once you apply, we will check the information available on your website and social media to decide if you meet the requirements. We may contact you with additional questions. If we approve your application we will then invite you to add the logo on your website and link it to your Ecoclub Directory Listing. Once we verify that the logo has been added and hyperlinked we will complete the preparation of your Listing - all the work is done by us.

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