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  • R171201-NI: Finca del Sol - Hotel for Sale - Nicaragua

R171201-NI: Finca del Sol - Hotel for Sale - Nicaragua

R171201-NI: Finca del Sol - Hotel for Sale - Nicaragua
Establishment year: 2009
  • Sale Price:
  • USD 495,000
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Posted: 1 December 2017

Sale by: The Owner 

Company Name: Finca del Sol

Hotel Address: 350 meters East main Road, Santa Cruz, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Sale Price and Currency: USD 495,000

Fully Licensed as an Accommodation Facility? Yes

Currently in operation as an Accommodation facility? Yes

Number of Rooms: 5/6

Number of Bathrooms: 4

Room Facilities: Private bathroom, gardens, green space, views, DVD, orthopaedic mattresses, beds, mosquito netting, screened, hot water, water filters, paintings on the walls, nicely furnished.

Common Area Facilities: Outdoor common area

Total Land Area: 12.5 Acres

Built-up Area: 8 buildings, measuring 3400 square feet. Includes 3 guest bungalows, 2 story bungalow where the current owner resides, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor common area with wood burning oven, workshop and shed.

Is it allowed to add more buildings to the property? Yes, no restrictions

Year of Construction: 2004 - 2011

Year of last Renovation: 2017

Key Materials of Construction:

  • Reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Concrete, metal and hardwood beams
  • Seismic paneling
  • Some earthen walls.
  • Hardwood, tile and flagstone flooring.
  • Timber framed casement windows and screened windows covered with expanded metal mesh on the majority of buildings.
  • Double thatch roofing on a metal frame on the bungalows, metal, cement and zinc roofing on other structures.
  • Exterior walling with paint finish

Eco-Architectural Features:

Two of the bungalows and the shed have interior earthen walls on a cement/stone stem wall.

There is an earthen bread oven on the property in case you want to make the worlds best pizza!

Locally sourced hardwood, stone and timber were used whenever possible.

The site has a collection of many flowers, shrubs, cacti and fruit trees including Mango, Banana, Grapefruit, Lime, Star-fruit, Papaya, Lime-Manderine and Pineapple. Including a small organic garden, approx. 30 square meters with drip irrigation. Near the kitchen, there is a collection of herbs including rosemary, basil, ginger, lemongrass and chilli pepper.

Part of the land has been used as pasture for a small collection of tropical sheep and goats.

The remaining indigenous vegetation includes many tropical old growth trees and lots of volcanic stones. The island is also home to some unique fauna including birds, iguanas and howler monkeys.

Energy Sources & Energy-Saving Features:

Solar power: One set of panels are located near the shed/maintenance area, and another near the managers quarters. (2 separate solar systems on each property)


Back up grid power with approx. 400 meters of #4 electrical wire with 17 metal posts set in concrete. In the main electrical box, there is the possibility of changing from a 110 connection to 220 by adding another wire.

Water Sources & Water-Saving Features:

190-foot well + community water system. A water line runs approx 300 meters underground on the property, servicing all areas of the land. Water is collected in tanks and services all buildings and farmland.

Waste-Management Facilities: Garbage pick up - Tuesdays, Compost toilets.

Awards and Guidebook mentions:
We are in the following:

Footprints, Lonely planet, Moon, Guide to Southwest Nicaragua

Facebook, TripAdvisor (over 400 reviews)

Description of Location

We are located in Santa Cruz near the most beautiful beach on Ometepe, and has a quiet, small-town feel yet offers great restaurants and shops nearby. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Ometepe island.
Infrastructure in Santa Cruz and area:

  • Lawyer
  • Schools
  • Veterinarian clinic
  • Grocery, shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bank ATM (1 kilometre away)
  • On the paved road with access to public transport

Distance in Km from nearest Beach: 700 meters from the sandy beach

Nearby Attractions (within 50 km):

  • Hiking volcano Madaras and Conception
  • Kayacking up the river Istiam
  • Birdwatching tours
  • Butterfly farm
  • Kiteboarding
  • Paddleboards
  • Fishing tours
  • Haterfall hike
  • Coffee farm/tours
  • Ojo de agua
  • Chocolate factory

Nearest Airport: 20 kilometres

Nearest Hospital or Clinic: 1.5 kilometres

Nearest School: 1 kilometre

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