Wind Tree outside Roland Garros StadiumWind Tree outside Roland Garros StadiumImagine a world where we all produce our own green energy in our homes and offices and share it with each other in a world wide energy web. This was the vision of Jerôme Michaud-Larivière who invented the Wind Tree, an innovative, esthetically pleasing, and bird-friendly wind turbine. Each Wind Tree helps save the equivalent of 864 kg of Coal every year!

The original model of the Wind Tree is composed of 3 steel trunks that stem into tinier branches on which the 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines are attached. It can exploit all types of wind, from gentle breezes to powerful gusts of wind in both urban and rural environments. The Wind Tree can be installed close to buildings, which is a plus in urban spaces. A further innovation was the "aeroleaf hybrid", which added a high performing photovoltaic petal to the bottom of each leaf.

There are actually three types of Wind Trees - the original Wind Tree, the highly customisable Modular Tree, and the smaller and cheaper Wind Bush which starts from Euros 19,500. They can be customised by leaf colours, trunk colours, led lights, charging ports, air-purifying leaves, and usb benches.

Commercially launched in 2018, the innovative Wind Tree has already won several awards, however it is not yet a common sight in cities. One possible explanation may be the price and the lack of a full installation service.

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