No Drinking Water SignNo Drinking Water SignAbout 70% of the planet surface and of our body comprises of water, however over 1bn people lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. This is a well known problem, and the 'international community' through the Millennium Development Goal number10 have promised to solve it. If they do not, they should expect Water Wars. Tourism development currently accentuates the problem: mega-resorts with private swimming pools,  pesticide-treated golf courses, sprawling holiday home developments steal, waste and pollute water, among other equally harmful impacts, even in semi-arid regions like the Mediterranean, accelerating the desertification process and climate change.

We thus call for photo essays which document how water is wasted in the context of tourism. The photo essay should consist of 1 picture and up to 300 words explaining what the picture shows and proposes one or more solutions to the specific problem depicted.

The winner will receive a selection of fair trade organic coffees worth Euros 60 (incl. shipping) or 3 years of Professional Membership.

Picture Specifications:
Photos must be originals from a photo camera (no software editing allowed) Format: JPG RGB. Maximum size: 8MB. Aspect ratio should be 4:3, minimum dimensions 800 x 600 pixels. NB, all pictures will be resized by us to 800 x 600 pixels, and 90 JPEG quality for online display.

Essay Specifications:
The 300-word essay should be in plain text and should not contain any web links or formatting.

Call for Entries opened 1 February - OPEN UNTIL AT LEAST 3 VALID ENTRIES ARE RECEIVED
2 to go!

The competition is open to all. Only one submission per individual. The organisers, reserve the right not to admit entries which do not meet the competition’s theme or specifications.

Winners Selection:
A Member vote will take place when at least 3 valid entries are received.

How to Enter the Competition:
Please send an email to editor [at] ecoclub [.] com with the photo as an attachment. The essay should be included in the body of the email. Please also state your name, surname, email, city, country and website/blog address. These will be displayed (apart from your email address) along with accepted entries.