Veronika MikosVeronika Mikos

"We are all responsible for a clean environment. We should not wait for others, including municipalities or NGOs to clean up our mess!"

Veronika Mikos has over 10 years of experience in managing international projects related to nature conservation. She is an economist and the Project Coordinator of the Healthy Seas initiative (Web: since its inception. Healthy Seas collects waste fishing nets with the help of divers and fishermen in order to create healthier seas and recycle marine litter into new textile products. Ms Mikos studied Business and Tourism at universities in her native Hungary and Finland. Her thesis was on “The role of ecotourism in raising the environmental awareness among the local communities – based on case studies from Hungary and Finland”. Ms Mikos speaks Hungarian, English, German and basic Greek and Dutch. She is an active Member of since 2005. What first attracted you to the world of Conservation and Ecotourism?

Veronika Mikos: My parents raised me to respect and protect nature with all its creatures, including plants and animals. So, it was obvious to me that I want to work for a good cause, create value with my work. I am a kind of idealist, yes. Since my childhood, we were always taking holidays with an “eco-mind”, although the concept of ecotourism was not clear for my parents. I think they just followed their intuition and had good intentions. For me, nature conservation and ecotourism are closely connected.