Dr. Palitha Gurusinghe

"At present, Sri Lanka Tourism is going after ‘Volume’ rather than ‘Value’; they are only interested in the ‘Headcount’. In the process, the Authorities have entirely forgotten projects and programmes on sustainable tourism and ecotourism"

Dr Palitha Gurusinghe is the Founder and President of the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF), the national ecotourism association of Sri Lanka. He is also a Consultant and Coordinator of the National Sustainable Tourism Certification (NSTC) Programme in Sri Lanka, Managing Director of Sri Lanka Ecotours and President of the Asia-Pacific Regional Ecotourism Council (APREC). He has acted as a Tourism and Marketing Consultant and a Trainer for the Sri Lanka Ministry of Tourism, for international organisations and the private sector. He is also an external Board Member of the Faculty of Tourism Studies at Sabaragamuwa University and a Visiting Lecturer in Ecotourism in many Universities and higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka. He is the author of various research papers in Ecotourism, the Editor of journals, newsletters of eco and sustainable tourism, while he has recently authored the “Story of Ecotourism Sri Lanka” (2017). In 2012, Dr Gurusinghe was awarded the ‘Presidential Tourism Award’ for ‘Outstanding Contribution for Sri Lanka Tourism’.