EU: Eurobarometer survey finds that Short-term rentals

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Added 2021-10-22


Eurobarometer survey on short-term rentals published on 20 October 2021 and conducted in September 2021 across Europe, shows that 25% of Europeans book short-term rentals through online platforms and that a large majority (89%) of those who have ever booked a short-term rental consider it a positive experience that they would recommend to others. Results also show how such services can lead to a more diversified accommodation offer, providing better prices (63%), better facilities (49%) and better locations (43%).  At the same time 45% of the people surveyed believe short-term rentals cause an increase in noise, congestion and waste and higher prices and pressure on availability of housing (42% of respondents). The results of the survey will feed into the EU Commission's assessment of the relevance of possible new regulatory measures, as announced in the recent Commission staff paper outlining scenarios for a transition pathway in the tourism ecosystem. The Eurobarometer data will also complement the stakeholder feedback from the currently ongoing public consultation related to short-term rentals. The full Eurobarometer report and a factsheet with key data from the Eurobarometer survey are available here

Ecoclub believes that affordable, genuine hospitality which helps support inner city neighborhoods and locals with modest means is welcome, and this is understood by respondents. Corporate profits, converting whole apartment blocks into unofficial hotels, and gold-visa schemes at the cost of the displacement of locals are not!


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