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Europe: The 2024 winners of the Natura 2000 Awards

Added 2024-05-30


The annual awards, established in 2014, recognize pioneering efforts to conserve Europe’s nature and biodiversity. This year's winners in each of the six categories are:

Citizens' Award:
Best practices for the conservation and management of the black stork in Poland, a project that implemented an impressive series of actions to improve the protection of the black stork. Lead Applicant: SGGW Leśny Zakład Doświadczalny w Rogowie

Conservation on Land:
Conserving and restoring mire habitats in Estonia, which achieved the restoration of natural water conditions over nearly 8,000 hectares of mires.
Lead Applicants: Estonian Fund for Nature; University of Tartu; Archaeovision   

Communicating to promote community engagement and citizen science in Northern Italy, protecting the Natura 2000 ‘Boschi di Muzzana’ site, through communications and community action. Lead Applicant: Associazione culturale Artetica. 

Working Together for Nature:
Ground-breaking agri-environment payment scheme for farmers in Natura 2000 areas in Ireland, an extremely convincing demonstration of how farmers can be paid fairly and effectively to protect Natura 2000 sites and habitats. Lead Applicant: LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature

Marine Conservation:
Reforesting the sea: conservation and restoration of “blue forests” in the Sado Estuary, Portugal, engaging the local fishing community, decision-makers and scientists in conserving and restoring threatened seagrass meadows. Lead Applicant: Ocean Alive  

Cross-border Cooperation:
Grazing to preserve Natura 2000 habitats and species: a Pyrenees example from France and Spain, this initiative has built capacity amongst local authorities and directly restored 1,670 hectares of mountain grassland areas. Lead Applicant: Fundación HAZI


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