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US: Cruise lines 'voluntarily' cap numbers in Alaska's Juneau

Added 2024-06-07


Four major cruise lines have entered a voluntary agreement with the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), effective from 2026, to limit daily visitors to Juneau, a major whale-watching destination, to 12,000 passengers on Saturdays and 16,000 on all other days. Juneau is home to just 32,000 permanent residents, some of whom, dissatisfied with the limits imposed by the amicable MOU, are still pursuing a total cruise-ship arrival ban on Saturdays. The agreement, which could become a template for other ports, foresees that it will be reviewed annually and any changes in arrival schedules will be announced two years in advance. Popular cruise-ship ports that have applied various restrictions so far include Majorca (Spain), Santorini (Greece), Isafjordur (Iceland), Bar Harbor (Maine) while Monterrey (California) has effectively (but not legally) stopped cruise-ships altogether by voting to end passenger landing services!


United States
Juneau, Alaska