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Political Ecology of Tourism

Political Ecology of Tourism - Community, power and the environment

Edited by Mary Mostafanezhad, Roger Norum, Eric J. Shelton, Anna Thompson-Carr

Routledge, January 2016, 328 pages, ISBN 9781315717227 (also available as eBook)

Why has political ecology been assigned so little attention in tourism studies, despite its broad and critical interrogation of environment and politics? As the first full-length treatment of a political ecology of tourism, the collection addresses this lacuna and calls for the further establishment of this emerging interdisciplinary subfield.

Political Ecology and Tourism

Political Ecology and Tourism

Edited by Sanjay Nepal, Jarkko Saarinen

Routledge, 278 pages, March 2016, ISBN 9781138547162

Political ecology explicitly addresses the relations between the social and the natural, arguing that social and environmental conditions are deeply and inextricably linked. Its emphasis on the material state of nature as the outcome of political processes, as well as the construction and understanding of nature itself as political is greatly relevant to tourism. Very few tourism scholars have used political ecology as a lens to examine tourism-centric natural resource management issues. This book brings together experts in the field, with a foreword from Piers Blaikie, to provide a global exploration of the application of political ecology to tourism. It addresses the underlying issues of power, ownership, and policies that determine the ways in which tourism development decisions are made and implemented. Furthermore, contributions document the complex array of relationships between tourism stakeholders, including indigenous communities, and multiple scales of potential conflicts and compromises.

Mountain Tourism

Mountain Tourism - Experiences, Communities, Environments and Sustainable Futures

Edited by Harold Richins and John S. Hull (Thompson Rivers University, Canada)

CABI, February 2016 / Hardback / 404 Pages / ISBN 9781780644608

Mountains have long held an appeal for people around the world. This book focusses on the diversity of perspectives, interaction and role of tourism within these areas. Providing a vital update to the current literature, it considers the interdisciplinary context of communities, the creation of mountain tourism experiences and the impacts tourism has on these environments. Including authors from Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, the development, planning and governance issues are also covered.