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England & Wales: Community Energy: State of the Sector 2020 Report

In many countries including the UK new legislation on renewable energy gives communities the right to produce, consume and sell energy and this is an important tool in the quest for a fossil-free, democratic, energy system.

The State of the Sector Report 2020 is the fourth annual review of the community energy sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This report draws upon information from community energy practitioners to improve understanding of, and support for, community energy throughout 2019. In total, 163 community energy organisations responded to the State of the Sector 2020 survey with data previously provided by a further 137 organisations included within this report.

• 2019 was a year of climate activism: The UK parliament, Welsh Government, Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Government and many local authorities declared climate emergencies.

• 2019 was a challenging year for the community energy sector: The sector has been negatively impacted by recent reductions in subsidy support and unclear government strategy.

• Community energy is playing an ever-increasing role in technological and social innovation: The sector is developing new business models and exploring innovative new approaches to deliver a low carbon future.

• Community energy across the UK needs clear guidance and support: The sector must be supported to access new emerging opportunities, ensuring the long-term growth and impact of
the sector.

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