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Reimagining and Reshaping Events: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

Reimagining and Reshaping EventsReimagining and Reshaping EventsWritten by Jeffrey Wrathall and Effie Steriopoulos

Published January 2022 by Goodfellow Publishers

ISBN: 9781911635871 HBK; 9781911635888 PBK; 9781911635895 eBook

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635871-4918

The events industry is undergoing fundamental change and a move towards online and hybrid strategies. Looking to the near future, while still dealing with the pandemic challenges, the ‘new normal’ for the events industry will be characterised by a quite different, transformed, events landscape which will require a thorough reimagining and reshaping of existing methods, techniques and practices.

Reimagining and Reshaping Events: Theoretical and practical perspectives is a unique and user-friendly text which advances managerial views on how the event industry is transforming. Packed with international real-life case studies and examples, it contextualises theory and illustrates how the industry has had to adapt whilst still considering key technological and sustainability issues. The text examines key priorities such as:

  • Theoretical concepts and practical approaches to event delivery
  • Adapting to a changing events landscape utilising technology
  • The design of meaningful experiences considering the environment and sustainability;
  • Case study examples focusing on applied contexts
  • Knowledge advancement based on current industry perspectives
  • Event practitioner profiles leading the way in the future of events
  • Stakeholder engagement and the maintenance of practitioner well-being;
  • Ethical catering choices, environmental and social responsibility;
  • Key sustainability concepts, evaluation methods and industry trends

Written in a user friendly and engaging style, it provides a blend of theory and practice that adopts a practitioner perspective but draws on theory from a broad range of discipline areas.

Key learning features in each chapter include:

  • Learning summaries focusing on key concepts covered;
  • Short vignettes addressing relevant issues and concepts;
  • Discussion questions, key fact highlights and learnings from industry leaders in the field
  • Scenarios and problem solving activities enhancing authentic learning in group collaborative settings
  • End of chapter review questions, workshopping activities, plus further reading and links to websites.

A must-have text, Reimagining and Reshaping Events: Theoretical and practical perspectives is an essential tool for all students, researchers and practitioners of event management.

Jeffrey Wrathall PhD is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Higher Education and Course Leader of the Bachelor of Event Management at William Angliss, Melbourne, Australia. Effie Steriopoulos PhD is a Lecturer of Event Management at William Angliss Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

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