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Rethinking Heritage for Sustainable Development by Sophia Labadi

Rethinking Heritage for Sustainable DevelopmentRethinking Heritage for Sustainable DevelopmentRethinking Heritage for Sustainable Development, Sophia Labadi
ISBN: 9781800081925 - UCL Press
This open access book constitutes a substantial and original assessment of whether and how heritage has contributed to three key dimensions of sustainable development (namely poverty reduction, gender equality and environmental sustainability) within the context of its marginalisation from the Sustainable Development Goals and from previous international development agendas. Sophia Labadi adopts a novel, inclusive, large-scale and systematic approach, providing the first comprehensive history of the international approaches on culture (including heritage) for development, from 1970 to the present day. This book is also the first to assess the negative and positive impacts of all the international projects implemented in sub-Saharan Africa by a consortium of UN organisations that aimed to provide evidence for the contribution of heritage for development in time for the negotiation of the SDGs. The book’s conclusions provide recommendations for rethinking heritage for development, while reflecting on the major shortcomings of the selected projects. Sophia Labadi is Professor of Heritage at the University of Kent, UK.