ECOCLUB - International Ecotourism Club is the original ecological tourism portal & professional network established in 1999, today with Members worldwide. [Our Testimonials]
Our Professional Membership is a best-value information & networking package for ecotourism/sustainable tourism/responsible tourism practitioners, academics and students and includes the following benefits:
(last update: 19 June 2018)
  1. Opportunities:
    (a) Jobs & Opportunities: Access our costantly-updated Ecotourism Jobs & Opportunities Database. [Preview]

    (b) Instant Notifications: Receive an email notification each time a new opportunity that matches your saved search criteria is posted.

    (c) Weekly Updates: Receive a weekly email with the latest jobs & opportunities.
    (d) CV Listing: Post your CV on our Member-only Job-seekers Database.
    (e) CV Guidelines: Access our Ecotourism CV Guidelines & Best Practice Templates.
  2. Networking & Mutual Aid:
    (a) Networking: Unlimited, user-friendly, online networking with other verified Members worldwide. [Preview]
    (b) Member Profile: Your own Member social profile (with full privacy controls) wall, friends, photos, videos and more. [Example]
    (c) Member Meeting Rooms: Communicate with your fellow Members with live video and sound, hold one to one meetings.
    (d) Member Blogs: Your own attractive and user-friendly Blog receiving centre-stage attention. [Example]
    (e) Mutual Aid Forum: Ask questions and get answers for all your ecotourism-related needs and projects.

  3. Other Member Benefits (provided by third-parties, subject to availability): 
    (a) Books: 20% Discount for our Members on all titles at GoodFellow Publishers when buying directly from 

    - If you would also like to offer a special benefit to our Members, please contact us


Important Notes

1. ECOCLUB - International Ecotourism Club is a private, professional network/club focusing on Ecological Tourism. As a Member, you pledge that you agree with ECOCLUB's Philosophy of 'Ecology Through Tourism' as stated at  

2. Membership is conferred for 6 Months at the rate of Euros 18. Unless you cancel - you may cancel at any time by contacting us - it will be renewed for subsequent 6-Month terms at the same rate.

3. Membership is conferred to you strictly as an Individual and it is not transferable. You must state your own, full name and surname in the registration form as we are a network of professionals, practitioners and academics, not of impersonal corporations. Displayed names in our Member Directory may be edited to conform to this rule. You are welcome to add any organisational affiliation in brackets after your name if you wish, for example, Jane Austen (Mansfield Park Lodge).  

4. Our current business hours are 07:00 - 15:00 UTC, Monday to Friday.

5. Please do not share your username & password. Use is being monitored automatically and offenders will be permanently banned without refund. We keep Membership rates deliberately low so as to allow all current and aspiring ecotourism professionals to join. 

ECOCLUB MEMBERSHIP TERMS & CONDITIONS (last update: 22 June 2018):

(1) "ECOCLUB Membership" (hereafter 'Membership') is an online subscription service offered by ECOCLUB S.A. (hereafter 'We', 'us') to a specific INDIVIDUAL (hereafter 'Member', 'Members', 'You') who agrees with our philosophy and general aims as defined at (2) Membership is granted to you strictly as an individual and it is not transferable. You should not share your Membership log in details, otherwise, your Membership will be immediately terminated without a refund and you will be permanently banned from Membership. We monitor logins and visits on our website to prevent abuse and for security reasons. (3) You must state your own, full name and surname in the registration form, we are a network of people, not of impersonal corporations. Displayed names in our Member Directory will be edited to conform to this rule, i.e. your full name and surname will be visible. You may add your company affiliation in brackets after your name if you wish. (4) Inactive Member Policy: Membership is conferred for an initial period of 6 Months and will be renewed for subsequent 6-Month terms if you are active as a Member. An active Member is someone who logins regularly, posts status updates and blog articles. Inactive Memberships are suspended for security reasons. (5) Member Conduct: Members should always act in a way that enhances the quality of ECOCLUB, respect our Editorial Policy and our Member Support Policy, and try to assist other Members according to their abilities. They should only use the personalised Member logo issued for them and only in accordance with the instructions provided to them. They should also refrain from harassing other Members in any way, from posting offensive, illegal and copyrighted material or material that directly goes against our philosophy and general aims, engage in excessive soliciting or in any form of spamming including message and post spamming and the posting of an excessive number of links to 3rd party websites. We reserve the right to edit the subject and content of all posts, articles and comments,  or to delete these if editing is impractical, so as to meet the above requirements and to warn, suspend or ban Members who in our view act in a disruptive manner. To comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines, all links to 3rd party websites are set as nofollow. (6) Members agree to indemnify us against any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from their being a Member, their professional or academic activity and their online presence including inaccurate or misleading advertising. (7) Support Policy: Each Membership includes online or email support strictly related to the provision of the above Membership benefits to you. (8) We make no guarantees as to the quality, non-interruption, availability, performance or benefits of this service. Our website and all our (online) services are subject to availability and depend on factors outside our control. We do not guarantee any potential or speculated business profits or benefits attached to you being a Member. (9) Information that appears on the ECOCLUB website and email communications and in any Member sections, is provided for your own personal and direct use only and it should not be resold in any way, retransmitted, reproduced, broadcast or copied online or in any other form, without written permission. Violators will be instantly and permanently banned from Membership. (10) By becoming a Member you agree to receive regular email communications from us from which you may opt-out at any time. (11) You agree not to hold us responsible in relation to any damages caused by offering or failing to offer a Membership Benefit. (12) Cancellation & Refund Policy: If upon joining you realise that this service is not suitable for you, you may request a refund through our contact form within 7 days. We will normally issue a 50% refund via PayPal. No refund will be made if you request a cancellation after the first seven days have passed. You are free to cancel your Membership anytime through our contact form.(13) The provision of fraudulent information by you in your application form will lead to immediate termination of your Membership, with no refund. (14) Upon expiry or termination of your Membership, you will immediately remove and destroy all information and promotional material that identifies you as a Member. (15) You agree to indemnify ECOCLUB S.A. against all claims made in relation to you and/or your Company. The payment of such indemnity shall not prevent us from seeking any and all damages suffered by us as a result of your illegal behaviour or breach of contract. (16) Your failure to meet any of these terms and conditions or your engagement in illegal acts will lead to the immediate termination of your Membership, with no refund. (17) We will make no refund in case our website and/or company cease operations. (18) In all other cases where we have terminated your membership, we will refund the Membership fee minus 5 Euros for every month or part thereof used for your Membership. Please note that refund can only be made via PayPal which may apply charges to recipients. (19) These terms and benefits can be updated and/or amended at any time without notice by posting at . It is your responsibility to periodically check this page for changes. (20) Any dispute arising from this Agreement will be referred to the Law Courts of Athens, Greece, according to the Greek Laws. (21) By joining as a Member you indicate and acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above Terms & Conditions.

EDITORIAL POLICY (last update: 19 June 2018): 

We focus on ecotourism, sustainable and responsible tourism, green businesses, products, services and news which we consider relevant and compatible. Members are encouraged to assist us in maintaining a high content quality by not posting offensive, illegal or irrelevant material and by not engaging in advertising of 3rd party products or services not offered directly by their own organisation. Members should not engage in any form of spamming or flooding, including message and post spamming. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts, articles and comments and to warn, suspend or ban Members who in our view act in a disruptive manner. To comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines, all links to 3rd party websites are set as nofollow. By joining as a Member you indicate and acknowledge that you have read and accepted our Editorial Policy.