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  • R180804-PE: Lion Heart Palace - Ecolodge For Sale - Peru

R180804-PE: Lion Heart Palace - Ecolodge For Sale - Peru

R180804-PE: Lion Heart Palace - Ecolodge For Sale - Peru
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Posted: 4 August 2018

Sale by: the Owner 

Property Name: Lion Heart Palace

Sale Price and Currency: USD 100,000

Property Address (actual location): Comunidad Nativa Independencia, Iquitos

Fully Licensed as an Accommodation Facility? No 

Currently in operation as an Accommodation facility? Yes, we have a listing in airbnb and booking.com

Number of Rooms: 3

Number of Bathrooms: 4

Room Facilities: private bathroom, table, shelf, terrace, double bed, hammock, sofa or armchair

Common Area Facilities: hammocks, sunshades, swings, outdoor kitchen, barbecue and bonfire site, floating house where you can fish, jungle fruit trees, wifi, beautiful garden, lots of medicinal plants and trees

Total Land Area: 10,000 m2

Built-up Area: 300 m2

Is it allowed to add more buildings to the property?  Yes, there is a lot of free space on the land; also, one building is in the construction process

Year of Construction: 2018

Year of the last Renovation: 2018

Key Materials of Construction: Wood, leaves for the roof, metallic mesh against mosquitos and bugs, concrete

Eco-Architectural Features: We have constructed all the buildings to be as natural as possible. Rustic wood, leaves for roofs, electricity by the solar panel; individual water system;

Energy Sources & Energy-Saving Features: Solar panel for electricity, that is available only in the evenings to save energy and since the Lodge is in the jungle area, there is no real need for electricity during a day. Alternatively, we have a generator to produce electricity- that works with gazoline, and is only used in emergency situations when the solar panels cannot provide enough power

Water Sources & Water-Saving Features:  Water for the shower and bathrooms is transported from the river to the water tanks by generators; To save energy, the generator is turned on only at the moment of filling the tanks. Clean water comes from the nearby well, sourced by springs.

Waste-Management Facilities:  We compost our bio and food waste. Also, in addition to the water toilets, we have two composting toilets.

Description of Location: (on a hill, on the beach etc.):  Located at the Amazon jungle area, by the Amazon river, close to Iquitos city. The terrain is in three levels, which means, we have an area by the riverside which makes it possible to have a swim in natural waters. Then one part on the medium level with a great view to the river, sunrise, moon, and thunderstorms; and we have a third level up on the hills, which offers a view to the rain-forest, the river Amazon and Iquitos in the far distance.
Although it is in the jungle area, it is easy to go to Iquitos town, since there are a lot of collective boats passing by our Lodge.

Nearest Beach:  There is no real beach nearby, because it is a river that has its low and high tides, but we have a possibility to swim right at the river, or we can bring our guests to a floating restaurant where are built natural swimming pools at the river. That place offers also possibilities to sunbath, relax and enjoy your time. Iquitos port is 10-15 minutes fast boat drive away

Nearby Attractions (within 50 km): There is a viewing platform 500m from the lodge; a giant tree that is 400 years old in 1km distance, also waterfalls, the whole rain-forest to explore around, animal rescue centres, indigenous communities. Also, Iquitos city to discover about. But the main attraction in this area is the Amazon rainforest, boat tours on the river, hiking expeditions in the virgin jungle and all nature-related activities.

Nearest Airport: Iquitos Airport: Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport

Nearest Hospital or Clinic: Essalud Hospital III Iquitos; Essalud La Marina

Nearest School: Colegio Nacional Maynas

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